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Demonstrators burn pictures of Gaddafi

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Tripoli demonstrator announces Tripoli’s solidarity with Benghazi

Translation: In the name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful, A call to all our elderly, our children, our daughters and grandchildren of Al Mukhtar  and Al-Solhlee and Al Barooni. And in solidarity with all the Libyans, and the spilled … Continue reading

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Disappointment with the media increases

As the night continues and more people are allegedly injured, people are growing increasingly disappointed with the media coverage the protests in Libya have received so far. @LibyanDictator People in #Libya are dying by the dozens – media has up … Continue reading

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Protesters tear down another poster

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Demonstrations in the United States

Enough Gaddafi have posted about demonstrations being organized in three different cities in the United States on the 19th of February to show solidarity with the people in Libya. The demonstrations will be held in Washington, Seattle and Los Angeles.

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حل لكل من يشتكي من حجب الفيس بوك

يوجد برنامج يدعى هوت سبوت شيلد يعين على تفادي حجب الفيس بوك. بإمكان الجميع تحميل البرنامج وتشغيله لإزالة الحجب ومتابعة آخر الأحداث والتطورات على الفيس بوك Hotspot Shield رابط مباشر http://www.mediafire.com/?hja8lmm4hqbznjj الرابط الثاني http://hotfile.com/dl/95005629/3d4efba/HSS-1.56_vb.alan4.com.zip.html

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Anonymity reminder

ATTN LIBYA & BAHRAIN: Call in, no names, inform world of what you witness +16504194196 +442033184514 Please share & RT! via @BaghdadBrian In times like these it’s important to stay as safe as possible.

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Enough Gaddafi

Here’s another website with updates and beautifully deteailed stories and commentary on current events. Enough Gaddafi

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Foreign policy summary of the region’s events

Foreign Policy have posted short summaries of what has happened throughout the region today. Find them here!

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Thank you!

Just a quick shout out in between all the news feeds. We want to say thank you so very much to everyone on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else that are helping to spread this site around! It’s great to see … Continue reading

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