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Snipers on the roof in Darna earlier today

Translation of things said: Attack on security forces! They’re shooting with live ammunition the cowards! They’re shooting with live bullets!

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Another GRAPHIC video, beware! Deaths in Darna

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Facebook movement

Take a look at this page too

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Arab capitals fear escalation

Arab capitals brace themselves for further escalations of the violence in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen, among other countries. The article also covers the supply of arms from the UK to Bahrain and Libya. Read here. The BBC have updated their … Continue reading

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BBC Arabic coverage of Libya

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The impact of social media

The Center for International Media Assistance recently released a report entitled Social Media in the Arab World: Leading to the Uprisings of 2011 written by Jeffrey Ghannam. The report was commissioned months before the uprisings began, but during the course … Continue reading

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Benghazi comes out today in huge numbers!

Translation of some of the chants: There is no god except God! And the martyr is the beloved of God! No no to terrorism! No no to Gaddafi! Your rights my country will not be wavered, from Benghazi to Fezzan!

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The size of the protests

We are in the process of posting a series of videos from earlier today in Benghazi. These videos show the size of the demonstrations, which have so far been downplayed. We believe it’s very important that everyone realizes just how … Continue reading

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Many protesters in Ajdabya

Thanks to @DJMeddi

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Anti-Gaddafi demonstrations in Tobruk earlier today

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