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LIVESTREAM from Benghazi on air now!

We’re not sure for how long this will be live, but there is a livestream from Benghazi RIGHT NOW! Please tune in!

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Fire at Zintan police station

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More footage of demonstrations outside the White House 19 Feb

Translation: I am a Tunisian, and I will raise this flag right now because all th nations need to be set free! And Gaddafi you coward, the Libyan people will not be humiliated! Leave! Go! Go! Leave! Leave! Leave!

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A Message From Libyans to Obama – Demonstration In Front of the White House 19 Feb

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Killed in Libya – Spreadsheet

Here  is an attempt to name all of the martyrs that have died in Libya during the past few days. From our understanding it is updated regularly. See it here

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Feb 17 voices

Listen to the latest updates and eyewitness reports from all over Libya here on audioboo

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Eyewitness transcript from Tripoli at 20:40 GMT

[19/02/2011 20:47:30]  Gaddafi has armed paid youths who have infiltrated the actual youth groups [19/02/2011 20:47:41] and has handed them huge ass guns and rifles; they’re now going around out to kill those who are rising up from the neighbourhood … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Regular Tripoli Security Forces nowhere to be seen.

LibyaFeb17.com has just confirmed from an eyewitness in Tripoli that the regular tripoli security forces are nowhere to be seen. Instead, the city is being prowled with the special Da’am Forces and what has been described as Militias and Mafias.

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Phone numbers!

Here are phone numbers for Libyans to call to get the word out. Mr. Ismail Legretly in Aljazeera on 0097455196556 BBC number please call right now 00442077650211 it’s live they want libyans to speak via Freedomrules Speak2tweet for #LIBYA. Numbers: +16504194196 … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Fashloom and Sidi Khalifah in Tripoli are OUT protesting! HELICOPTERS FIRING AT PROTESTERS!

Tripoli is witnessing a LOT of activity as I type this. An eyewitness called into the Libyan Internet Radio station confirming that protests in Fashloom are in full swing. LibyaFeb17.com has personally verified from eyewitnesses that protests in Sidi Khalifah … Continue reading

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