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BREAKING – Snipers fire in Saha Al Khadra

URGENT reports are coming in of serious gun fire in Saha Al Khadra from various sources. @ShababLibya There are snipers right now firing in the heart of tripoli please spread #Libya #Feb17 I will speak to BBC shortly, tune in As … Continue reading

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BREAKING – Alarabiya.net: Gaddafi is headed to Venezuela or Brazil on private jet

Alarabiya news station is reporting in its live broadcast right now that a Gaddafi has left Libya on his private jet headed to either Brazil or Venezuela! @ShababLibya: BREAKING: CONFIRMED: rumours have now spread to Tripoli and they are celebrating CONFIRMED

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BREAKING: Libyan Ambassadors in China and the Arab League resign

00:21 @ShababLibya: BREAKING: abdalla sanussi will be put on trial!!! 00:20 @justamira: A friend in Tripoli #Libya confirms that electricity has been cut there. Can other Libyans confirm? 00:16 @ShababLibya BREAKING: libyan ambassador to china has resigned

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Translation of Shaikh AsSadiq Al Gheryani’s statement to the People of Libya

Translation: In the name of God, Most Gracious Most Merciful; I thank Al Jazeera for giving me this opportunity, I say that what is happening in Libya now cannot be tolerated, cannot be bared, cannot be kept silent about. A … Continue reading

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BREAKING BREAKING: Huge clashes between protesters and armed mercenaries at Green Square – RIGHT NOW

00:07  The EU has called on Libyan authorities to immediately end the violence on anti-government protesters via @Reuters 00:00 @nbcnightlynews Eyewitness in #Tripoli: sound of live ammunition coming from within the barricades of #Gaddafi headquarters. 23:56 @7our: Radio Libyan Revolution: “Don’t let … Continue reading

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COMING SOON: An English Transcript of Libya’s top scholar declaring that it is now a RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION for all Libyans to protest!

We’re in the process of translating Shaikh Sadiq Al Ghernayi’s statement to Al Jazeera in which he states that it is now a religious obligation for all Libyans to come out and protest! Check back soon, we’re working on it … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Status update on Tripoli

Reports have been coming in that demonstrations from Az-Zawiya, Sabratha and other surrounding towns are headed towards Tripoli at the moment. Demonstraters are seen coming in from all directions. There are reports of protests in Fashloom at the moment and … Continue reading

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Tunisian rally supporting Libyan revolution

Translation following shortly! At the start the crowd chants  “Gaddafi you dispicable one! You are the enemy of the people!”

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Photos from Manchester demonstration

Complete gallery can be found in AlmanaraMedia

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Manchester demonstration in solidarity with Libyan Revolution!

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