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Power plant workers refused to cut electricity

Ben Wedeman tweets that power plant workers in Benghazi had been ordered by Tripoli to cut electricity to the area. The workers refused, however,and it seems the power supply is now more reliable than before.

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Translation added to video of action in Libyan Embassy in Morocco

We have added a translation to what was being said in the Libyan Embassy in London. Please have a look by following this link.

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Obama calls Libyan violence “outrageous”

In a long awaited statement, Obama called Gaddafi’s violent crackdown on the protesters “outrageous” and joined the world in condemnation of the regime as he called for countries to be united in holding the government accountable. “The suffering and bloodshed … Continue reading

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Benghazi’s deep wounds

As journalists are entering the country, we finally have access to much more information about the events of the past week. The Guardian writes about the overwhelming sense of joy and jubilation in Benghazi, with citizens enjoying freedoms they haven’t … Continue reading

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Minor site issues

Sorry everyone, we’re having some issues with WordPress at the moment. We’re working on it and we’ll have things back in order as soon as possible.

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Amazing: Libyan Embassy in Morocco tear down flag and destroy Gaddafi portrait

Translation: Cameraman: God is Greater! god is Greater! Man pulling flag: come down you despicable thing! Cameraman: God is Greater! Bring it down! Man pulling flag: may your father be cursed! You zionist! Camera man: God is Greater! God is … Continue reading

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Gaddafi uses scare tactics to lock down capital

The streets are being patrolled by forces loyal to Gaddafi ┬áin 4x4s. They fire their automatic weapons to force people to stay indoors. Residents say they can’t open doors or windows for fear of being shot. At night it becomes … Continue reading

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French doctor in Libya: over 2000 dead

A 60-year old French doctor working in Benghazi estimated the death toll to be over 2000. He says that out ambulances counted 75 bodies the first day, 200 on the second and more than 500 on the third day. “From … Continue reading

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Reuters confirms pilots crashed plane near Benghazi

A libyan air force plane crashed near Benghazi, Reuters have confirmed. The pilot and co-pilot ejected from the aircraft because they refused to carry out the orders they’d been given to bomb the city of Benghazi. They refer to Libya’s … Continue reading

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Handing out bread to the protesters in Benghazi

Via ShababLibya

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