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Journalists missing in Libya

The Committee to Protect Journalists is still very alarmed by the regime’s threatening rhetoric regarding journalists, as well as the continued violence journalists have experienced. “Naim Ibrahim al-Ushayba, a Libyan journalist from Benghazi and a correspondent forLibya Al-Youm news website, … Continue reading

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Amazing: Women of Darnah demonstrate! English translation

Translation: Women chant: There is no god except God, and the martyr is the beloved of God! Camera man: This is the square of Al Ateeq mosque, and the demonstrators are coming into the square right now, in the city … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Heavy gunfire against protesters in Gheryan

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Gaddafi’s billions to be seized by Britain

The British Treasury are believed to have set up a united to trace Gaddafi’s assets in Britain. UK ministers have identified billions of pounds belonging to Muammar Gaddafi, deposited in London. The funds are expected to be seized within days. … Continue reading

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Photos: Benghazi citizens clean their city

Beautiful photographs of the citizens of Benghazi, young and old, cleaning their city:

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BREAKING: Large scale clean up in Tripoli – Part 2

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BREAKING: Az-Zawiya under attack right now

Time is Libya local time 00:15 Al Jazeera Arabic interviewed an eyewitness in Al Zawia who stated: There are no wounded or killed We have informed the youth that in the even of any shooting, they should lie flat We … Continue reading

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Video footage of the underground prison in Benghazi

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Ben Wedeman at a rally in Benghazi

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BREAKING: Large scale clean up process in Tripoli – New footage!

With journalists and tv camera crews invited to tour Tripoli tomorrow, the Gaddafi regime has ordered a large scale clean up mission around Tripoli. In the first segement, The People’s Council building which was burnt is being repainted white, whereas … Continue reading

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