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Eyewitness footage of Tripoli – 27th February

Video of closed Tajoura entrance:

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Some mercenaries “immune from prosecution”

The UN resolution that was agreed upon on Saturday called for the International Criminal Court to investigate the killings. However, it has been widely reported that Gaddafi hired foreign mercenaries to carry out some of the killings. ┬áThe US insisted … Continue reading

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UNCONFIRMED: PressTV reports that Gaddafi’s youngest son joins protesters

Iran’s international news network, PressTV, reports that Gaddafi’s youngest son, Saif al-Arab joined the anti-government demonstrators when he was sent to cooperate with security forces. So far this is the only source reporting on this, and it’s been taken over … Continue reading

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Nalut fights and succeeds

Clashes over the past few days: Celebrations today, after freeing the city from the regime. It is safe to say that we Libyans love to make a lot of noise: Translation of chant: God, The People and Libya!

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The East ready to assist Tripoli

A general who had joined the protesters in the Benghazi has told Reuters that his forces are ready to help demonstrators in Tripoli if necessary. “Our brothers in Tripoli say: ‘We are fine so far, we do not need help’. … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Soldier kills security battalion commander!

Almanara Media has just published the following news item which we have translated for you: News has reached us via email that a security battalion commander in az Zawiya was killed by a soldier in the battalion. Soldiers refused orders … Continue reading

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Al Kufra rejects regime plane loaded with bribe money and weapons

Translation: And we state regarding what Saif Al Islam said, and he is the sword of Satan and not the sword of Islam. He spoke yesterday to Al Arabiya news channel and said that the city of Kufrah is under … Continue reading

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Media trip backfires

The Libyan government took reporters on a trip to Az-Zawiya on Sunday morning. However, Az-Zawiya was clearly under the control of anti-Gaddafi demonstrators. They were manning the barricades and flying their flag, according to the BBC. Read it here.

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Extremely busy operation theatres in Zawiya hospital today

Translation of commotion: Doctor: Seriously guys now isn’t the time! Cameraman: What do you mean not the time? I want to upload this! I want to show…

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Martyred in Az Zawiya with a bullet to the head

Translation: This is one of the Zawiya deceased who was the victim of a headshot from a sniper. We consider him a martyr with God

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