A message from a woman in Tripoli

Tripoli Update


In the name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Peace be upon you,

Peace and Blessings be upon our Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him,

My name is Sara from Tripoli, I would like to start by asking for mercy to be granted on all of our martyrs in our beloved Libya East and West,

And I would like to say this bloodthirsty murderer that the blood of the martyrs has not been spilt in vain. Libya and Tripoli is currently truly in a massacre under this murderer.
All that they say about these civil wars and Alqaeda is all lies, we don’t have any civil wars. On the contrary, Libya is even more united East and West to get rid of this oppressive regime, this dominating regime, this regime that claims democracy could not be more distant from democracy, this regime that says the people govern themselves, where are the people, where are they?

When all of the people came out and said we do not want this dictator anymore, he turned on them with weapons and machine guns. Where is this democracy that he claims?
I also want to direct a message to all those that around him – I want to tell them: Be God conscious in yourselves, be God conscious in your sons, be God conscious in your brothers, be God conscious.

God gives people leeway but holds to account. This life is finite and it may end with them in any moment. Those who were lost I give glad tidings to their families with heaven, those who were killed at the hands of mercenaries hired by this oppressive regime. But you, I tell you: woe be to you from God , God gives leeway but holds to account and you will stand before him, with those blood stained hands, stained with the blood of the innocents, the blood of martyrs, the blood of those who were fighting for their rights and freedom.

I want to pass a message to those around him, I say to you: be God conscious in yourselves, be God conscious in your children. God gives people leeway but holds to account. God is sufficient for us and the best trustee.

I am Sara from Tripoli

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  2. Susan R. Kelley says:

    Sara – I want you and the people of Libya to know we are with you. I lived in Libya for seven years and was there for the Quaddafi revolution in 1969. I have met and talked to this man. I find it hard to understand where this man went wrong. He truly is mad at this point in his life. Our prayers are with you.
    Sue Kelley

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