BREAKING: Gaddafi’s speech

The GuardianGaddafi spoke over the phone on state tv, here is what the Guardian writes:

“Gaddafi is talking at long last. He starts off in bizarre fashion, accusing protesters of drinking pills that make them commit “animal acts”. He says the protesters have been brainwashed by Osama bin Laden, whose people have been giving protesters these pills.”

This was to be the theme of his speech, Gaddafi blamed Al-Qaeda for the unrest in the country. Saying that they are drugging and influencing the people’s children.

“Is this Is this a cack-handed appeal to gain western sympathy? If so it’s an odd way of going about things, which will merely confirm Gaddafi’s tenuous grasp on reality.”

Gaddafi asks how the people will live without the oil, he asks whether Bin Laden will care for their families. He asks how they are going to buy cars or get married.

He asks on the wise and elderly of the tribes to mind their youth and says he tries to give them parental advice.

“He now compares himself to the Queen saying he is in a similar position to her. He cannot make rules, only offer advice. He is returning to the “hallucination pills” that young Libyans are supposed to be ingesting. More Queen comparisons. He does not have the authority to impose rules on the people. “I have become more of a symbolic leader”.”

He keeps referring to Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, and says that Libyans should take responsibility for their country and their children and that they should “sue” those who are behind this and are providing their children with drugs and weapons.

He says he doesn’t know when the violence will end but offers his condolences to the families of the four security force men that were killed.

“It was an extraordinary rant, trying to blame bin Laden and jihadists, who he said had given hallucination pills to young Libyans. It will confirm that Gaddafi is totally out of touch if he really believed in what he was saying.”

Read the Guardian’s live blog here

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