BREAKING: Mass of protesters moving to Martyr Square

Twitter15:12 Al Jazeera English Eyewitness says there was gunfire after friday prayer. They went towards Tripoli and were joined on the way by other protesters. Live on television it appears another person takes the phone and yells at him, saying “give me the phone! You can not speak to Al Jazeera!” (most likely a security officer)

17:02 CONFIRMED: Now people headed to Martyr Square from many districts of Tripoli, they should be there in the next hour.

17:02 @ShababLibya BREAKING: Reports from eye witness number now 60,000 and army generals with protesters heading to Martyrs

16:50 @ShababLibya: CONFIRMED: not less then 30,000 heading to Green square, people dead in janzoor West of Tripoli

16:42 @ShababLibya: BREAKING: Eye witness reports number heading to green square in Tripoli is reaching 20,000 to 30,000

15:57 Al Jazeera reports 6000 people from Tajura are heading to Tripoli

15:55 On Al Jazeera English witness calls in asking international community not to intervene

15:47 Al Jazeera: Mutiqa airbase in Libya announces that it has joined the revolutionaries

15:46 @Feb17voices: LPC Eyewitness: Two groups shooting at protesters: Police and#Gaddafi Revolutionary Guards.

15:43 @EnoughGaddafi: UNCONFIRMED: Gaddafi forces surrounding #Tripoli airport #feb17#libya can anyone confirm?

15:43 @EnoughGaddafi: Tens of thousands reported to be in the streets in #Tripoli

15:36 @bencnn: Eyewitnesses in Tripoli say pro-Qaddafi forces directed “intense gunfire” at protesters.

15:28 Al Arabiya: Eyewitnesses: Clashes in Fashloom, Dhahra & Shatt el Bahar districts of Tripoli.

15:27 @EnoughGaddafi: The violence is escalating in #Tripoli live ammo heard and armed men seen in a number of neighborhoods in city center

15:24 @AJELive News coming in: Heavy gun fire in various Tripoli districts … Fashloum, Ashour, Jumhouria, Souq Al Jouma

15:15: At least five protesters have been killed in Tripoli’s Janzour district, a local resident tells Reuters. (Via BBC)

15:11 @Dima_Khatib: Clashes in Tripoli : In the areas of Fashloum, zawiyat Dahmani, Bin Ashor

14:59: Eyewitnesses in Tripoli say that security forces are now shooting at protesters in the capital’s suburbs. (BBC)

14:58 @ShababLibya: Breaking: Live gunfire is reported as being heard. Please head to Mustashfat al sukur on Coastal Road

14:56 @NickKristof: Just spoke by phone to man in Tripoli. Heavy gunfire coming from Green Sq area where #Libya protesters had hoped to go.

All times are Tripoli local time

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  4. Barry says:

    Yesterday I witnessed a huge navy build up in Cartagena Spain, Italian German and Spanish war ships, 2 aircraft carriers 3 subs and over 15 Fragtas, Including the Fragata Victoria (F-82) and Marques De La Ensenada The Marques is a mobile fuelling ship,

    I found this article today while looking for further information on the build up.

    Madrid, Feb. 25 (Prensa Latina) A total of 20 North Atlantic Treaty Organization warships will dock in Cartagena harbour in Murcia on Friday, prior to beginning drills in the waters of south-eastern Spain.

    Over 3,500 soldiers, various warplanes, and four submarines from 11 NATO member nations will take part in the Feb.28-March 10 maneuvers, called Noble Mariner 2011, according to local news reports.

    Ministry of Defense sources confirmed that the naval group is formed by the aircraft carrier the Prince of Asturias, the frigates Alvaro de Bazan, Victoria and Navarra, the tanker Marques de la Ensenada, and the Castillo warship.

    The exercises in the waters of Cartagena, Mar de Alboran, Almeria, and the Strait of Gibraltar will be under the command of Vice Admiral Juan Cuadrillero Pinilla of the Spanish Navy.

    Soldiers from Poland, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Britain, Norway, Portugal, and the United States will take part.

    The aim of the exercise is to ensure they “are fully prepared to respond, as required, for operations or crisis situations wherever in the world they may occur”. Or is it a pre-empt move to go to the North African seas.. My understanding of this is help is on it way ..

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