BREAKING: Soldiers in Darna massacred for not firing at Libyans (GRAPHIC)

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  2. INTLRevolver says:

    Absolutely tragic and sickening. My heart breaks for the people of Libya. Tragic

  3. saif says:

    Gaddafi is a psychopath, a criminal beyond belief. His entire family of criminals if caught alive must be brought to justice. The world must see this and more. All the best to all the very brave people of Libya. You will build a great country after this. For now, finish the job. Get Tripoli and get this criminal and his family.

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  5. Jérôme says:

    C’est à désespérer de l’humanité, il y a vraiment des injustices qui dépassent tout, briser la destinée de personnes, de familles, juste par idéologie…quelle drame !!!

  6. WadiTr says:

    I am the admin of the YouTube Page that posted this Video, Thanks for Linking my Video, Please send me any videos that you want posted on the YouTube Page.

    Also I have added this page as the main link.


  7. WadiTr says:

    YouTube Page Link – Over 100 Videos From Libya

  8. free libya says:

    Please send to aljazeera so people can see what is happening in libya

  9. Keith Lindsay-Ayres says:

    Unbelieveable sad images- Gaddafi has to brought to book for crimes against humanity.
    My support goes to the people of Libya as it did with the Egypt and Tunisia

  10. inevitable says:

    Gaddafi has written his own death sentence. I only hope it does not require too many more lives, and that it is painful. We are coming for you and your children, fool. Sleep tight.

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  12. gloogloo says:

    This bloody, kill his people coldly, and dares to show scenes of jubilation in some parts of Tripoli via his TV Channel, as is usual,
    I am very familiar with Libya, from East to West, resist you shall overcome
    beacuse the freedom has a price
    hope that Allah will accept the martyrdom of your deads
    an Algerian very shocked

  13. says:

    Names of people who died must be written in humanity history.

  14. juan says:

    GADAFI CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Trish says:

    How painful. The inhumane among the humane. There “are” individuals within their own countries and chaos who try to uphold moral humanity. I hope these individuals who sacrificed their lives to save people are eventually honoured. Their families should be proud that they have raised fine individuals in a country where human life seems to be of no value to those who look out for themselves for self greed and satisfaction. These fine men have paid the ultimate sacrifice for humanity and for the people. Their sacrifice will not be in vain.

    All the money and wealth in the world can not save you now Gaddafi, and unfortunately you will lose dear ones close to you. How selfish. This is evident when you stated that you would fight until you were the last man standing. Hmmm seems like you would even line up your children and grandchildren in front of you in order to survive. You will possibly be a martyr to a handful of individuals but eventually you will be forgotton. You will be an embarrassment to the humane members of your family. I pray for the people of Libya, I pray for their liberation and that they eventually live in a country where they also can reap the benefits of their resources. Keep in mind we do have the same God.

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