World Food Programme sends food to help displaced people

All times are local Libyan time, GMT+2

01:11 The World Food Programme says it is sending 80 metric tons of high energy biscuits to the Libya-Tunisia border to help displaced people “until they can get settled or reach their final destination”.

22:02 A witness tells AFP news agency that Gaddafi loyalists opened fire on passers-by in Misrata, killing two people.

21:58 Susan Rice, US Ambassador to UN: “When he can laugh talking to international journalists, when he is slaughtering his own people, only underscores how unfit he is to lead,” she said, referring to the Libyan leader’s interview with international news organisations today. Rice also deflected questions about why it took until this week for the US administration to call for Gaddafi to go, saying: “We have taken very strong and very swift actions.” Read more here

@IyadElBaghdadi: Warning: Gaddafi today arresting anyone in Tripoli who appeared in Youtube videos, went on news media, or tweeted. Extreme caution please.

Steve Negus challenges the popular notion that if a regime is ruthless enough, it cannot be overthrown. He uses Libya as an example of the opposite. Read his article for The Arabist here

21:10 Gaddafi in serious denial while speaking to the BBC today:

21:34 The Pentagon says both naval forces and air planes are also moving closer to Libya. Military intervention by ground or air is considered unlikely, but the Guardian wonders if the US is preparing to enforce a no-fly zone. Read here

21:28 David Cohen, an acting US Treasury under-secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, says the $30 billion of Libyan assets that have just been frozen is the largest sum ever to be blocked.

21:20 Azmi Bshara tells Al Jazeera Arabic that Libya is united in culture, devotion and love for freedom. Whichever way you read Libya in Arabic, from right to left or left to right, it still spells Libya. Another beautiful symbol of unity.

20:40 Gaddafi tells ABC’s Amanpour that he feels betrayed by the U.S. and that “America is not the international police of the world.” Gaddafi says Libya is an ally in the fight against Al Qaeda but western countries “have abandonded us.” He says that Obama is a “good man” but may be misinformed about the situation in Libya.

20:24 Gaddafi tells the BBC: All my people love me would die for me. Read article here.

20:19 @iyad_elbaghdadi: First, morale must be extremely low among Khamis Brigade; probable defections even. Can’t imagine how else they can lose to a citizen army.
19:40 BBC Arabic’s Abderrahim Farsi, who’s in Tripoli, has been told by a source that Libyan tanks and armoured cars attempting to break into Zawiya have been repelled by opposition fighters. The source said the attacking force belongs to the Khamis Brigade of the Libyan army, led by Col Gaddafi’s son Khamis. (Via BBC’s live stream)
18:52 At a Q&A session of the press conference, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that military action is not imminent. She said that military assets are in place to provide humanitarian aid and to assist in evacuations.

Before that, Clinton said that the US will send experts to the Libyan border with medical supplies and food supplies ready in response to the recently reported food shortages.

Via Al Jazeera’s live blog.

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4 Responses to World Food Programme sends food to help displaced people

  1. Amna Shebani says:

    This is a dead man walking!

  2. omar says:

    tell me when You understand that WE HATE you. WE really Hate you specially me. You killed my people. This is how dictators act when their people HATES them. Please any one tell him that we hate him.

  3. Mr. Gross says:

    Don’t get caught.

  4. tre says:

    dont say someone slaughtered someone, or did something, unelss you physically witnessed it (not video) or have accurate physical circumstantial evidence (not words or video). If someone told you something, say, he/she said. If you physically witnessed it(not video), than say so. Susan Rice- WHERE IS YOUR PROOF if you gona be saying that. Don’t ban or physically deny people access to travel outside, if you did not witness them (not video), or do not have accurate circumstantial evidence (not words or video): torture, rape, cause bodily injury, physically abuse, or attempt to physically abuse. No arresting or imprisoning someone that did not: torture, rape, cause bodily injury, physically abuse, or attempt to physically abuse. You must have ether physically witnessed (not video) the assailant physically abuse, or have accurate physical circumstantial evidence (not words or video) before you can make an arrest. No killing, abusing, or neglecting/denying each peaceful prisoner of access to daily minimum: 3cup veggies, 2cup fruit, 4oz whole grain, 1cup beans, 1.5oznuts, #of calories for height, air quality index 0-50(air that shuldnt make u sick, 8teaspoon toothpaste, floss, healthcare. sanitation, 5 gallon safe to drink water: heats to 80+degress, cools to 60-, shelter: heats to 68+, cools to 80-, bed, 2changes of clothes shoes, noise 0-85db.

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