Diplomats call for human rights investigation

AJCDiplomats will be putting the pressure on this Friday in Geneva. They’re calling for a human rights investigation into Gaddafi’s violent crackdown on the demonstrations. The EU wants the Human Rights Council to investigate “gross and systematic violations of human rights by the Libyan authorities” and to condemn violence against protesters and others as crimes against humanity.

During the meeting any possible sanctions will also be investigated, and the EU will ask to suspend Libya’s membership of the Human Rights Council.

Switzerland has already ordered the immediate freeze of any assets belonging to Gaddafi or his “entourage”.

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2 Responses to Diplomats call for human rights investigation

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  2. Kathryn Minogue says:

    In response to Nigeria’s comment, we are not listening to media reports. We are listening to ordinary Libyans, for example, my friends who are mothers, who say they dare not go outside for fear of being shot by Gaddafi’s supporters.

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