EU says it can’t intervene

BloombergMinisters of the European Union have said that they cannot intervene in Libya. They focus instead on trade and aid measure in order to help Libya and other countries.

“It’s not our job to change the leader of Libya,” Finland’s Alexander Stubb told reporters before a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels today. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said Europe shouldn’t interfere,” expressing alarm over what he said was “the self-proclamation of the so- called Islamic emirate of Benghazi.”

Shada Islam, an analyst at the Brussels based Friends of Europe policy advisory group said that the EU isn’t doing enough to end the violence.

“This is no longer a question of aid or markets, but rather of urgent humanitarian intervention,”
she said in an interview.

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9 Responses to EU says it can’t intervene

  1. Reg Lee says:

    The people of Europe are not responsible for the ineffective cowardice of their leaders – we should be giving the people of Libya whatever assistance they require. We can however pressure our Governments give any and all aid that is necessary to rebuild what Gadaffi destroys.

  2. Helene says:

    Shame on my country, France, shame on the UN and the EU to leave: they are afraid when they see what the Internet can trigger.

  3. Ian Cosh says:

    European leaders don’t have to intervene but they can at least condemn Gaddafi and express support for the people. I can’t believe the callousness of the Italian Foreign Minister. What an ass he is. I’m appalled by the indifference of the West, and humbled by the courage of ordinary Libyan people.

    Western leaders can at least promise, right now, that if Gaddafi lives through this, he will face prosecution for crimes against humanity. That is, if his own people don’t get to him first.

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  6. roxana aguilera -cubana says:

    Nos toca a Cuba, Fidel 52 años en el poder, y lo pasa a su hermano.
    No se reconoce opocicion al gob, control ABSOLUTO de las comunicaciones
    telef fijos,television ,pues NO HAY NET,ni telef movil (escaso y grampado)

  7. roxana aguilera -cubana says:

    Envio desde fuera de cuba,mi apoyo y solidaridad a los pueblos arabes!!!!!!!!!!!
    desde dentro de cuba ,no se puede, y acabo de saber q NO SE SABE lo q esta pasando
    en libia,.
    La opocicion al gob ,de Fidel ,cubana, pide HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

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