Eyewitness account of 26th February from Tripoli

We relay it to you as we received it:

Well… what can i say other than 26.02.11 will always live in me and my cousins memories for life. But when this is over inshallah will talk about that particular experience openly.

Here’s a couple of pics from today and vids. One is of the check points set up… vid is crystal clear, no description required. We got stopped too and the car was searched but we were allowed to go.

One pic to note is ferries arriving to try and get expats out as soon as possible, it was a brazillian construction company. Had a video too but “incident” today led us to deleting that one.

I have to keep take pic of the shaab (peoples’) building as it kind of symbolizes all of whats going on at the moment with the government… trying to cover up cracks which can be seen from a far… even stevie wonder wouldn’t be fooled.

Media were taken round today and came to tajura, suq el jumah and fashloom… before they arrive in each area, they’d fire warning shots to scare off the people.

In tajoura, today was the funeral for some of the bodies they brought back from yesterday’s demonstration. Video is taken by cuz of ppl they brought back yesterday from the what they called the million man march (the text messeges distributed called it that), The vid was recorded yesterday afternoon.

Tajoura Check Point:

Locals get remove from mosque during Friday prayer for speaking against regime:

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  1. Mr. Gross says:

    Keep up the fight, but don’t get caught by the ‘secret police’.

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