Eyewitness account of Friday demonstrations

We relay it to you as we received it:


Jazzak Allah Kyier (May God reward you abundantly). We are all well alhamdu lil-Allah (Praise be to God). My cousin Alhamdulil-Allah died martyrdom yesterday and was buried today. His funereal was covered by Reuters and was broadcasted on many TV stations.

After Juma (Friday) prayer yesterday about 7000 people started marching from Tajoura to Tripoli many on foot some on cars and trucks chanting anti-Qaddafi
slogans and Allah Akabur . By the time it reached Arada/near AL-Hany area
the crowd was about 15000 people. At this point the demo was met with heavy
sniper gunfire from the roof of the surrounding buildings. Many people
killed and injured. One was shot dead about 2 meters from where I was
standing and I witnessed about 15 people killed and many injured. There may
be more deaths and injuries on the other side of the demo. After many brave
attempts by the demonstrates advancing on the face of heavy gunfire, the
demo went to the nearby Sooq Al-juma. There more crowds joined. After about
15 minutes gunners came and started shooting. By this time I was away from
the crowed, but I could hear heavy gunfire lasted for considerable time. My
cousin was shot dead.


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