Food shortages get worse as protests continue

CNNSporadic gunfire was heard in Tripoli overnight, and more protests are planned for today as Gaddafi vowed to hold on to power. According to residents, the streets of Tripoli had been cleaned overnight as if nothing happened. During the day, most people stay in their homes, fearful of the ever-present security forces and were unable to retrieve the bodies of their loved ones. Opposition sources report that some people would not receive the bodies of victims until they signed a form saying that the person had died in surgery. Many shops remain closed and people report the food shortage is getting worse.

A journalist also passes on information he received from Somalis in Tripoli, who say they are very fearful of going out because people suspect them to be one of the many mercenaries hired by Gaddafi. They say they feel trapped at home even though they have little food.

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