“Now we’ve seen the blood our fears have gone”

The GuardianThe Guardian have posted a new article saying that mercenary attacks fail to deter the protesters.

Ali Zeidan, a senior member of the Libyan League of Human Rights who is in Munich, pieced together the pattern of violence in the Libyan capital that began early on Monday. “Protesters gathered for very big street demonstrations. Then at 3am, forces came without any warning and started shooting live ammunition into the crowd. Some of the demonstrators ran, others fell. There were about 60 killed and around 130 injured. It wasn’t the police, it wasn’t the army, it was Gaddafi’s elite guard assisted by paid foreign African fighters,” he told the Guardian.

“Then this morning Tripoli was eerily quiet. All shops, offices, pharmacies, banks were closed. It was as quiet as a Sunday in London 50 years ago.”

He said all morning people had prepared for renewed protests on Monday evening in Green Square, with some people making the journey from outside Tripoli.

“Libyans used to be afraid. But after they saw the blood, they aren’t afraid anymore, they are angry.

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2 Responses to “Now we’ve seen the blood our fears have gone”

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  2. TJ says:

    My blood is boiling and I am an American. I am beyond disgusted with the World’s response to these events…including my country. How in this day and age can so much blood shed be known around the world yet nothing is being done to protect the innocent unarmed protestors..now known as Martyrs for the fight of their lives. I stand with you, shed my tears with you, recoil at the horror shown in photos. My country may be complacent but that doesn’t mean that Americans are not horrified by what has been occurring. Blessed be to all.

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