Translated: Saif Al Gaddafi rallies pro-regime supporters. Promises weapons & aid.


The noise guys, the noise
Saif: Wait my brothers, we are busy, but I came here specifically. Everyone, morale needs to be up high!
**Crowd chants**
Saif: My brothers, my brothers, I want to tell you something I want to tell you something. Wait my brothers. Please, listen. The people, they’re saying rumours, they’re saying that the police have ran away, that the police have joined the hooligans. Today we show them that the police are with Libya.
Crowd: God is greater!
Guys calm down!
Saif: Alright, let me tell you something
Crowd: We want weapons, we need weapons!
Saif: Listen, just listen. Reinforcements are coming to you. We’ll be bringing you means, weapons, our situation is good, we are victorious…
Crowd chant: God, Mu’ammar (Gaddafi) and Libya!
More chanting: Despicable Al Jazeera! Our leader, we want no one else!
Saif: Guys! My brothers. Today, we are NOT inviting you to rice and meat…
Crowd: This is our country! God is greater!
Saif: Listen, this is your country today!
Crowd: We’ll teach them! We’ll get it back! We’ll reclaim it back!
Crowd chant: Despicable Al Jazeera! Our leader, we want no one else!
Crowd chant: The people, want, Mu’ammar the Colonel!
Saif: I am now going to go, but I will send you all the means you require. But your country, don’t leave it to those reckless guys. Those who you will meet and face you, we’ve seen them, they’re nothing..
Crowd: Reckless guys, the ones who take the pills…
Saif: Listen my brothers, today, today, you are Tripoli.
Crowd chant: With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice ourselves to you our leader!
Saif: Listen, I’m going now, but today, I will send you the support. And tonight, I want………..[unclear]
Crowd go insane: God, Mu’ammar and Libya!
Crowd: Keep on challening! Our only leader!

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3 Responses to Translated: Saif Al Gaddafi rallies pro-regime supporters. Promises weapons & aid.

  1. may be you can merge these two translations for a clearer image 😉

    We tried to capture the essence of the speech as much as possible, we would say 99% of it apart from some of the repeated chantes. it was not a straightforward audio

    Highlighted in yellow is translator notes as it is in Libyan Eastern slang mixed with some western slang. # can not show highlights in here
    Wait brothers, wait brothers
    “”means they do not care if they die”
    We are now busy…… … .. .. .. The most important … is the spirits “means high moral”

    In the background voices saying “we are for it, others doubt say they have sold it by god word it is sold not sure are they talking about themselves that they are not afriad to die or the demonstrators”,

    I want to say something to you, wait brothers. Listen brothers; they say … they spread prejudiced rumors falsely.. The opposing forces say the police have fled, the police have joined the the rioters. ….. … … Today we will show them the police is with Libya.. .. .. (Thugs/police/militia interrupts cheer loudly) Allah Akbar Allah Akbar “Means allah Great Allah Great” Saif: Hear it well, I want to tell you something ( loud cheering breaks him again requesting weapons, weapons, we need weapons several times) .. Listen, just a moment, give me a minute.. Support is coming “might mean Qaddafi central support forces a faction of the security force or just in general :support” , potentials “I guess he means the advance planning and sniper positioning,..etc ” Weapons are coming, Our matters are perfect … and we we’ll be victorious.. And we will be …( interruption cheering saying with god’s will, god willing several times).. (Loud chanting continues cheering loudly Allah, Mumar “Qaddafi”, and Libya only, they repeat this chanting 6 times, then they chant despicable aljazeera , our leader we want no one else several times too) Saif:Today brothers,… we are today not inviting you for Rice and meat “in the east of Libya this rice, and meat means meal invitation, as EAST meals are usually rice, and meat is to honor the guest” (Loud chanting breaks his speech again) This is our Country, saif then again replies back to them: Listen All, Today this is your country Thugs/police/militia interrupt cheer loudly) we will get it back, We will show them, get it back, are we getting it back?! Saif waves with his weapon in his hands appreciating, while they clap hysterically and chant several things ending with the people want Mummar the colonel “Qaddafi” Saif hushes them with a wave of his hand : we have sent for weapons, and all possible means, however do not surrender your country to these vulgar “he used SayeeLibyan street slang for naughty people who either do nothing but wander the streets or indecent ” the small crowd interrupt him as usually cheering loudly we are with you, we are with you Saif says: those whom you will face today are nothing, they are Frookh “another libyan slang street word for kids from the word of chicken chiks” the crowd starts calling them names “: these are kids, these are junkies, bill addicts, hallucination ” , Saif continues saying: Listen, Today, Today … listen my brothers… Today … Tripoli is you.. Today you.. the small crowd interrupt him again impatiently “with our souls, and blood we sacrifice ourselves for you our leader” Saif: I am leaving now, and I have sent the weapons. And this evening I want the sheep and the wolf “presumably the demonstrates will be the sheep, and his crowd are the wolves”…. They stop him with loud cheering while he waves in approval with his hand and weapon.

    Note from the translator : he did not say Zenga Zenga, or anthing similar, he just encited hatered and encourging people for the kill sorry

  2. Proserpina says:

    Wouldn’t this enable the person who made the video to be identifiable?

  3. Yara says:

    ‘ this evening I want the sheep and the wolf’ is the most damning sentence

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