The East ready to assist Tripoli

The GuardianA general who had joined the protesters in the Benghazi has told Reuters that his forces are ready to help demonstrators in Tripoli if necessary.

“Our brothers in Tripoli say: ‘We are fine so far, we do not need help’. If they ask for help we are ready to move,” said General Ahmed el-Gatrani.

Groups of demonstrators are reportedly starting to move westwards to join other demonstrators near Tripoli. The Guardian reports that this sets the stage for “a final assault on the capital – perhaps within weeks”

Read their live blog here and the full article by Martin Chulov here.

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2 Responses to The East ready to assist Tripoli

  1. Steve says:

    Why wait weeks? Why more blood needs to be shed? Unite all your forces and get it over and done with. Do capture them all alive and bring then to justice. Do not do the mistake of killing them. Good luck and may God be with you.

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