Translated: Misratah demonstrators capture a Brigadier and relative to Gaddafi


Our young brave rebels in Misurata have managed this morning to attack Hamza security Battalion and expelled them from its fortress place at the airbase/Air Academy/Air defence and the young brave rebels have managed to capture some of the mercenaries and some Libyan soldiers and with other officers they captured an officer with rank of Brigadier who is a close member of Col. Gaddafi and now you see the family book, passport and a number of ID cards and driving licence and Army ID and show his revolutionary ID card.

The card confirms he is a Brigadier and as I have stated before he is very close to Gaddaffi’s family (Goohisi). His wife’s picture is here but will not be shown out of respect in accordance to our Libyan and Muslim ethics. His wife’s name is Fat-Heya Muhammad Gidaf-dem. He is under arrest and treated with the utmost respect in accordance with our high morals as Libyan Muslims and the respect of the people of Misurata and we say this knowing very well that our brave unarmed rebels last night at their place had faced a dirty and scoundrel ambush and hunted them as they were defenceless and have captured one young man. This is a sample of what we have achieved for our great country and beloved Libya and to liberate Libya from the grip of the tyrant.

Our call is to the gaddafi tribe is to resolute to the logic and for the sake of stopping the bloodbath and stop assisting this dictator and his sons and disown him first and return to the bosom of Libya so that we can continue communicating and resolve all issues as we do not intend to retaliate or revenge, alternatively if our city is going to face another attack by any other security battalions/forces then we have no choice but return fire with an equal momentum and perhaps work something . If we can retain this officer (brig.) and faced the decision of sacrificing him then so be it (although we hope not to sacrifice him) if the circumstances lead to this.

We hope the intelligent people of Gaddafi family stop this crazy tyrant and we that they are the one who are capable of stopping him and side up and stand by the righteous side for the sake of Libya’s tomorrow and stop the bloodbath and start a new lease of life with us.

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6 Responses to Translated: Misratah demonstrators capture a Brigadier and relative to Gaddafi

  1. Al hunter says:

    Love your God – smash the tyrant – Best regards and full support from Glasgow in Scotland

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  3. stacey bashford says:

    Your People never fail to amaze me what they have achieved so far . The spirit of Omar Mokhtar must run strong in your people .

  4. ibrahim says:

    why we cant see the vedeos. are they censored.
    keep it up we are supporting you

  5. horrified Angry Man says:

    القذافي سوف تتعفن في الجحيم لهذا الغرض. فالله لن نرحب به الى السماء. انه
    ستعاني إلى الأبد. الله يكون معك شخص.

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