UK Foreign Secretary condemns violence

LiveBlog“The British foreign secretary William Hague has condemned the use of “unacceptable and horrifying” violence by the Libyan authorities and called on governments across the Arab world to respond to the “legitimate aspirations” of their people”, The Guardian’s live blog reports.

“The British government is deeply concerned by continuing reports overnight of unacceptable violence used against protesters in Libya, Bahrain and Yemen, and the deaths of protesters.

“Governments must respond to legitimate aspirations of their people, rather than resort to the use of force, and must respect the right to peaceful protest.

“I condemn the violence in Libya, including reports of the use of heavy weapons fire and a unit of snipers against demonstrators. This is clearly unacceptable and horrifying. I call on the authorities to stop using force and to rein back the army in confronting the demonstrators.”

He also warned against any non-essential travel to the cities of Benghazi, Al-Bayda, Al-Marj, Darna and Tobruk.

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