What happens in Tripoli is vital

Gaddafi In an interview with the BBC, former British Ambassador in Libya Oliver Miles has said that what happens next in Tripoli is the big question. The situation in Tripoli at the moment is tense but calm, he said. Many people in Tripoli originally come from all over Libya and they will have very close ties to people in the other cities such as Benghazi, Al-Bayda and Tobruk. He further mentioned that Libya has only existed in its current state for around 50 years, and that Tripoli and Benghazi originally were rivals of a sort. Many people have therefore been chanting that both the east and the west are one, to reinforce the feeling of one united Libya.

According to Mr. Miles, the uprisings are a very serious and unprecedented threat to Gaddafi’s leadership and he said there is a very real chance the dictator will be uprooted.

Dutch Ambassador in Libya Gerard Steeghs has expressed serious concern about the rapidly deteriorating situation in Libya. He spoke to a diplomatic representative of one of the EU countries who lives in Benghazi. The representative said he had been evacuated from his office and many buildings in Benghazi are on fire. He also mentioned that dead bodies are regularly brought into hospitals.

Ambassador Steeghs confirmed that the internet and phone lines are disrupted throughout the country, but that he himself still had access to the internet and international phonelines. He further mentioned that some of the unrest in Tripoli is caused by rebellious thugs who are using the pro-Gaddafi demonstrations to cause trouble.

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3 Responses to What happens in Tripoli is vital

  1. matador says:

    To all Libyan and arab people lives in Scandinavia( Danmark-sweeden- Norway-Finland- Iceland ) we will start Demonstration Monday 21 Feb front of the libyan embassy in COPENHAGEN / DANMARK fro m 12 o,clock to 14 o,clock and Tuesday 22 Feb in RĂ„dhuspladsen ( copenhagen center ) from 12 o,clock to 14 o,clock

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  3. Dr. Sulaiman Abushagur says:

    It is our duties, responsibility and moral obligation to our country (Libya) and the Libyan people to stand with them by all means. The Libyans in this town in Texas (USA) demand the following:
    1. Khadafi and his regime has to resign immediately
    2. Designate an independent care-taker (one person from the ten major cities in Libya) to run the country before the elections
    3. Re-activate the old constitution (Kingdom) until we write a new constitution
    4. Allow all international news media to operate freely
    5. Designate an independent court to bring Khadafi and his regime for their crimes
    The Libyans in Texas

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