Why Obama remains silent

BBCVia the BBC’s live stream:

1745: There’s been a lot of talk about America’s relatively muted response to the Libya unrest. Reuters speculates that the US wants to get the several thousand Americans who live in Libya out of the country before criticising Col Gaddafi.

1746: David Mack, a retired US diplomat, tells Reuters: “It was unquestionably necessary to assure the safety of Americans before taking the kind of very strong rhetorical position that I expect you are going to hear in the coming days.”

Although it should be noted that this hasn’t kept other countries from condemning the regime harshly before getting their citizens out.

The BBC’s Kim Ghattas reports that the US State Department said a charter to evacuate US citizens was not granted permission to land in Tripoli.

ReutersReuters reports that the US is considering a range of measures, including sanctions, but no decision has been reached as of yet.

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3 Responses to Why Obama remains silent

  1. Tyler says:

    Difference being, Gadhafi WANTS to turn this into a proxy war with the United States. Blaming France or Canada or the Netherlands won’t have the same impact (not that he hasn’t tried.)

    President Obama should forcefully and publicly condemn this regime and call for Gadhafi to step down. But it is indeed the responsible thing to first make sure there are no hostages the Colonel can round up and label ‘spies’ to at once hamstring the United States and undercut the opposition.

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