‘Witnessing Gaddafi’s Overthrow would be a special pleasure’

Der Spiegel have put up an article about the protests, see it here.

They quote the Financial Times Deutschland as writing:

“The deaths in Bahrain and Libya, however, are a reminder that things can also go in a different direction, following the historic example, not of Russia’s perestroika, but of Tiananmen Square. If the European Union is serious about its sympathy for the Arab street, then it has to do everything in its power to prevent that from happening.”

Die Welt writes:

Sustained Western pressure contributed to the fact that the Egyptian regime and military did not carry out a massacre in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, as the Beijing leadership did in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Countries such as Syria, Iran and Libya, however, whose populations suffer much more (than the Egyptians), are also far less susceptible to Western pressure. It is thus all the harder for the populations there to get rid of their dictators.”

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