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Who has what and where?

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UN suspends Libya from UN Human Rights Council

Libya has been suspended from the UN Human Rights Council. The General Assembly session didn’t need to vote on it, as it was passed by consensus.

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In depth report: What has happened to the Libyan military so far?

Translated by Libyafeb17.com | Original article: Al Jazeera Arabic The joining of many of the military, air force and naval forces to the revolutionaries has strengthened their position in demand for the resignation of Colonel Gaddafi. It also reduced the … Continue reading

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Pro-Gaddafi forces said to block food to Az-Zawiya

Aid groups warn for a growing humanitarian crisis as living conditions deteriorate in Libya. Residents from Az-Zawiya said that check points have been set up east and west of the city, preventing food and medical supplies from entering. Read the … Continue reading

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“Please don’t intervene”

Muhammad min Libya writes today for the Comment is Free section, saying that Libya is united in popular revolution. “We welcome a no-fly zone, but the blood of Libya’s dead will be wasted if the west curses our uprising with … Continue reading

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LSE investigates plagiarism claims

The London School of Economics is investigating claims that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi may have plagiarized his PhD thesis. Saif gained a Master’s degree and a doctorate at the university between 2003 and 2008. “The School takes all allegations of plagiarism … Continue reading

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The day the Katiba fell

Evan Hill writes that when demonstrators overwhelmed the barracks in Benghazi, it may well have been the turning point for Libya. Read his article about the struggle in Benghazi here.

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Northern Irish compensation deal put on hold

In 2009, Northern Irish MPs opened up talks with the Libyan government in order to secure a multi-million compensation deal for victims of the Irish Republican Army. Gaddafi supplied the IRA during its armed struggle against British rule. Read the … Continue reading

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US General says establishing no-fly zone would be “challenging”

In a press conference, US General James Mattis said establishing a no-fly zone over Libya would be challenging. “You would have to remove the air defence capability in order to establish a no-fly zone – so no illusions here – … Continue reading

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Libya received military shipment from Belarus

According to Sipri, a leading arms trade watchdog, Libya received a shipment of military equipment from Belarus on February 15. “The Ilyushin came from a dedicated military base that only handles stockpiled weaponry and military equipment,” Sipri’s arms trafficking expert … Continue reading

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