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LIVE: President Obama’s address on Libya

You can watch President Obama’s address on Libya live on Politico.com’s livestream. The address will begin at 19:30 EDT, 5 minutes from the publishing of this post Click here to start watching

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Image: Gaddafi and Saif…Dr. Evil & Mini me?

Someone posted this on twitter a couple of days back. Just got to uploading it now. Please contact us if you created this so we can credit you =)

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March 29th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 00:53 @ShababLibya tweet: Secure source: Gaddafis forces have reinforcement 40 tanks 8 rocket launchers Pending massacre in Zintan 00:23 DIRECT from Misratah The number of revolutionary martyrs in the ongoing battle in Az-Zawaabi district has risen … Continue reading

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Must Watch: Bombardment of Misratah on 18th March – bomb closely misses civilian

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Illustrated: Map of revolution as of 27th March

The New York Times have been creating superb maps that follow the movement of the revolution day by day. We bring you their latest map which illustrates where the revolution has reached as of 23:59 on Sunday 27th February. Please … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Misratah port under attack right now from several small military boats

Feb17Voices LPC #Misrata caller: Port under attack right now, shelling, several small boats being used – Mohammed, Misrata Committee member. #Libya Listen!

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Translated video: Eman Al Obeidy’s mother interviewed by Al Jazeera

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Nic Robertson tweets his trip to Misratah today

Nic Robertson’s tweets describing his visit to Misratah today: Setting off in big blue bus on govt-organized trip to #Misrata; drive should take couple hours. About 40 -50 journalists onboard. #Libya About half an hour from #Misrata, lots of Libyan … Continue reading

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Amazing: New Libya satellite channel plays test reel in studio

The new Libayn satellite channel headed by Mahmood Shammam and based in Doha will be launching this week. This is a short clip of test reels that were played in the studio. Though the image is small and the channel … Continue reading

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Video: Shelling continues despite cease fire announcement in Misrata

An eyewitness from Misrata speaks to Al Jazeera English about the situation in the city. Shelling continues despite cease fire announcements.

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