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Satellite image shows Libyan aircraft burning

An image taken by GeoEye’s IKONOS satellite shows military aircraft burning on the runway of an airfield in Misrata, Libya in this satellite image taken March 23, 2011 and released to Reuters on March 28, 2011. Please click on the … Continue reading

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March 30th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 00:43 Almanara Media reports that 32 Libyan Diplomatic cars have crossed the Libyan-Tunisian border into Tunisia. There is news that the following Libyan diplomats are in Tunisia making plans to defect and leave to Europe: 1. … Continue reading

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Misratah: Comprehensive update on how Gaddafi’s forces survive inside the city

The spokesman for the 17th February revolutionary youth in Misratah conducted a live interview with Al Jazeera Arabic earlier this evening in which he explained how Gaddafi’s forces are managing to survive inside the city. He said: There were attempts … Continue reading

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Eman Al Obeidy facing charges after rape by Gaddafi forces

Eman al-Obeidi, the woman who accused Gaddafi’s men of raping her, now faces criminal charges, according to the Libyan Government. A spokesman told Channel 4 News the “accuser was now the accused”.

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Photo: Revolutionaries mount gunship rocket launchers on 4×4 trucks

Such ingenuity! Revolutionaries in Darnah have managed to dismantle rocket launchers from grounded gunships and mount them on 4×4 trucks for serious fire power!

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Video: the destruction caused by Gaddafi’s forces in Misratah over the past 7 days

This is a comprehensive video documenting the damage and destruction that Gaddafi’s forces, tanks and heavy artillery have caused in the city of Misratah over the past 7 days. Houses, shops, offices and mosques, none were spared.

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Q&A Session with the National Transitional Council

In a press conference and Q&A session today, the Libyan Transitional National Council reiterated that its role is only temporary. The current form of temporary governance, with councils and committees, is the only system that the Libyans are somewhat familiar … Continue reading

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Cameron, Clinton and Ban Ki-moon speak at Conference on Libya

At the conference on Libya in London, David Cameron said the military intervention had saved and is still saving thousands of lives. He pledged that they will continue to implement the resolution and protect and support the Libyan people. He … Continue reading

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Interim National Council Statement: A Vision of a Democratic Libya

The Libyan Interim National Council has released a statement which outlines its vision for a post-Gaddafi democratic system in Libya Or read it here.

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Map: The revolution as of 28th March

The New York Times have been creating superb maps that follow the movement of the revolution day by day. We bring you their latest map which illustrates where the revolution has reached as of 23:59 on Sunday 27th February. Please … Continue reading

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