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Translated Video: Injured revolutionary refuses to praise Gaddafi, shots fired & ending unclear

Translation below video Translation (thanks to elharaty): Gaddafi Soldier: Raise your head, Raise your head, Get on your back, What is your name?! What is your Name? Injured man: Ahmed. Gaddafi Soldier: Say long live alfatah (Gaddafi/Gaddafi’s revolution) Injured man: … Continue reading

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Donate: World Medical Camp Libya

World Medical Camp for Libya is a charitable organisation established to address the escalating humanitarian crisis unfolding in Libya and to respond to the urgent and immediate need for medical aid in Libya. WMCL was founded as a non-profit organisation … Continue reading

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Zintan Phonecall: “They attack us from the north, west and south today”

Feb17Voices have uploaded another live phonecall with a Zintan resident who explains that Gaddafi forces attempted to attack the city from 3 directions today. All the attacks failed and the residents were able to block them and hold their ground. … Continue reading

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Statement of the Transitional National Council on Counter-Terrorism

The Libyan Transitional National Council have issued a statement today targeting specifically the issues of terrorism, rejecting extremism and its commitment to the values of moderate Islam and combating terrorism in all circumstances. The statement can be read on their website. … Continue reading

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Human Rights Watch: At least 370 missing in eastern Libya

Since mid-February, at least 370 Libyans have been reported missing in the eastern part of the country, Human Rights Watch said. They documented 72 cases of missing people and forced disappearances, while the Libyan Red Crescent Society in Benghazi recorded … Continue reading

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Amnesty demands end to smear campaign against Eman al-Obeidi

Amnesty International today said that the Libyan regime must end their campaign to discredit Eman al-Obeidi, a law graduate who was dragged out of a Tripoli hotel on 26 March by security forces and detained, after announcing to international journalists … Continue reading

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Video: revolutionaries try to take Brega

The Guardian have put up this video of revolutionaries as they try to take Brega. They say Gaddafi’s forces are inside the city and its outskirts, but are afraid to move for fear of airstrikes.

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Libyan press conference on Moussa Koussa’s defection

In a press conference, spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said that foreign minister Moussa Koussa had “resigned”. He said that Mr Koussa had been suffering from several health issues and was exhausted, perhaps from old age, and had requested medical treatment in … Continue reading

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Map: The revolution as of 30th March

The New York Times have been creating superb maps that follow the movement of the revolution day by day. We bring you their latest map which illustrates where the revolution has reached as of 23:59 on Wednesday 30th March. Please … Continue reading

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EXTREMELY GRAPHIC Video: Severely injured Libyan with half jaw torn shows immense bravery

An injured Libyan man shows extreme bravery in this video clip. The translation is below the video. Please be warned, the video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. Translation: Injured man: There is no god except God Cameraman: May God give you patience, … Continue reading

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