Analysts say little chance of success for Chavez peace plan

ReutersMiddle East analysts consulted by Reuters have commented on the peace plan involving Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. “I don’t think that another relatively extreme leader who is an ally to Gaddafi has a chance to be accepted as a peace-broker. It’s very unlikely to work,” Samuel Ciszuk said. He also added that the plan looked very vague and wondered if it would receive any serious consideration.

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2 Responses to Analysts say little chance of success for Chavez peace plan

  1. Paul says:

    It’s unfortunate to see Chavez playing right into the west’s perception of him as a cruel dictator. From what I have seen from him, it appears that he is skeptical of the populist nature of the uprising in Libya and the west’s true motives in the region. While he certainly has reason to be concerned, I think this is just one of those cases where the revolution (as tainted by the west as it might be to some extent) must be supported. The real struggle against imperialism will come after the fall of the regime. Chavez should save his political capital for that moment if he really wants to protect Libyans from neo-liberalism.

  2. Paul says:

    Also, the idea of “peace talks” is meaningless in the context of this conflict where there is no centralized “opposition party” who could 1) represent the rebels or 2) enforce the terms of a peace agreement upon the rebels at large.

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