Arab League rejects foreign intervention

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5 Responses to Arab League rejects foreign intervention

  1. Mohammed says:


    This arab league are a waste of space! Most of them are puppet kings and dictators!

    Did the Arab League mention anything about the thousands of people many of them Egyptian at the Libya/Tunis border?

    Egypt which spends billions on the military could not even arrange for their navy and air force to help bring their nationals back! UK and France are helping! The Arab League and OIC should hang their heads in SHAME!

  2. Mohammed says:

    The Arab League don’t give a sh*t about the ARAB population. These bast*rds gather to have a chat, spend some of their peoples money and have a good time!

    Excuse my language but my people are dying, my people were killed in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Bahrain, in Yemen, and in LIBYA!

    Don’t talk to us about the UMMAH! These people want to maintain the status quo! They want to plunder the wealth of their respective countries and please their colonial masters!

    The time for change is NOW!

    The time is now to RESIST!

    FIGHT them as they FIGHT you!

    IT is permissable to do the same to them!

  3. Mohammed says:

    Does any one know if the Libyan Ambassador to UK is still loyal to Gaddafi?
    The shi**y green flag of Gaddafi is flying and 5 van loads of british police protecting it.

    • Mr. Gross says:

      You would need to find out who is interested in which group. Russia plus others have an interest with Gaddafi thus why UN is slow to respond.

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