BREAKING: Brega targeted with air strikes again

For the second day in a row, Brega is under attack from Gaddafi’s forces. Some reports say the strikes targeted the airport by the oil terminal. A spokesman in Ajdabiya said there have also been bombs there.

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Martin Chulov from the Guardian reports:

“It appears that the pro-Gaddafi forces who did seize the industrial area outside of [Brega] yesterday morning have retreated further up the highway to Ras Lanuf, which had been their stronghold until they advanced on Brega. The area that they had occupied was a university, a port, several factories and an old airport. There were full-scale battles there yesterday afternoon and early evening. I’m not sure whether the pro-government forces staged a tactical retreat or whether they were forced out by the large numbers of rebels that we saw heading down the highway to fight them – we’ll be able to establish that later on today.”

And read Evan Hill’s piece on the attack of yesterday here

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