Amazing: Anderson Cooper grills Gaddafi spokesman on hallucinogenic pills

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01:48 CNN Anderson Cooper grills Gaddafi spokesman on pills

00:47 Reuters have an amazing photo collection. Click below to view

00:14 BREAKING: Today after Friday prayers, a huge demonstration was launched from the mosque of Shaikh Ahmed in the city of Misratah and headed towards the center of the city near the People’s Hall. It was estimated that 100,000 people demonstrators were present all denouncing the crimes of Gadaffi and confirming their support and solidarity to the people of Tripoli

00:14 BREAKING: Gaddafi’s regime have switched off the electricity supply for the city of Az Zawiya which witnessed violent clashes today and the residents fear that a massacre may happen tonight.

21:41 BREAKING: Al Jazeera has just reported that at least 17 people have been killed and 20 injured in an air strike that targeted an ammunition depot in east Benghazi. Martin Chulov from the Guardian tweets: True about big blast at an arms dump in Benghazi, but work accident more likely than air strike at this point

21:26 BREAKING: The residents of Ras Lanuf are raising the flag of independence over their homes. Ras Lanuf is officially in the hands of the revolution

21:17 Police fire tear gas on Tripoli protest

Almanara20:52 BREAKING from Al Manara Media: Reports have come to Al Manara Media that the battalion responsible for the attacks in Ras Lanuf today is a security battalion known as the Saadi Tabouli battlion whose headquarters are 20km south of the city of Sirt and that the battalion had fled after losing the battle to the headquarters of the Reconnaissance Battalion in the city of Sirt. Before withdrawing, the battlion killed 20 young men who refused orders to shoot at the protesters. It is thought that these young men are from the tribe of Forjan who were brought from a military training centre and used as human shields.

20:15 Iyad El Baghdadi has made this map illustration where the Libyan revolution is at in the WEST up until now:Almanara

20:15 Iyad El Baghdadi has made this map illustration where the Libyan revolution is at on the EAST coast up until now:Almanara

20:15 Al Jazeera Eyewitness states that Az Zawiya is in need of medical supplies and baby milk. There are also confirmed reports that the injured have been kidnapped from hospitals and streets.

20:12 Al Jazeera Eyewitness verifies that Az Zawiya is STILL in the hands of the protesters. The revolutionaries are still in full control and any Gaddafi forces will be met with bullets he states.

20:10 Al Jazeera Situation in Ras Lanuf problematic. Many wounded and fatalities. Revolutionaries are unable to progress any further due to poor lighting

19:48 Reuters video report:

19:45 Human rights group Amnesty International has alleged that pro-government forces fired on medical staff in the town of Misrata on Thursday. Two Red Crescent workers were apparently injured in what Amnesty called “a deliberate attack on medical professionals”.

19:33 Two heavy explosions heard near Al Banenah air base in Benghazi

19:30 Al Jazeera In heaviest fighting, unarmed and journalists were asked by revolutionaries to leave Ras Lanuf for their safety.

19:23 Correction The footage we posted at 17:16 is actually a few days old. Thanks to the Guardian and BBC for pointing this out. Apologies.

19:18 Al Jazeera BREAKING Pro-Gaddafi soldiers fleeing Ras Lanuf are heading to the desert and not surrendering to the revolutionaries

18:49 Al Jazeera BREAKING Revolutionaries find 20 dead bodies, handcuffed at a base in Ras Lanuf

18:39 BREAKING: Eyewitness from Tripoli has just told Al Jazeera the following:

The situation in Tripoli is a crisis. Many arrests and kidnappings happened across the city last night its numbers approximated between 70 and 100. Those kidnapped were youth considered the pioneers and drivers of the protests in Tripoli.

There was heavy security present around al the mosques today. A trusted friend of mine told me that before the Friday prayer ended in the mosque where he prayed (which was close to Green Square), hoards of pro-Gaddafi supporters appeared outside the mosque and started chanting in favour for Gaddafi. They were loud to the extent that they disrupted us during prayer.

18:23 BREAKING: News is coming through that Muammar Gaddafi is expected to make an appearance soon via Libyan state TV.

18:23 Reports relayed from Tripoli: Souq Al Jummah and Hay Al-andalus currently under heavy military presence. Quiet at the moment.

18:18 BBC The battle for Libya is taking place in the east and west today. In the east, heavily armed rebels have begun attacking a military base protecting the oil terminal on the outskirts of the port town of Ras Lanouf.

18:15 BREAKING Footage of Az Zawiya citizens being shot at while performing the Friday prayer

18:10 BREAKING First attack on Az Zawiya resulted in 8 deaths. This occurred before Friday prayers

18:07 Libya announces that Ali AlTurki, the former secretary of state as its new representative to the UN

17:55 The Guardian: An improvised force of revolutionaries has been pushed back to the central square in Zawiyah, where about 2,000 anti-Gaddfi protesters are getting ready to make a “last stand”, a rebel spokesman has told Reuters. Youssef Shagan said: “We are on the square, all of our forces are here. The square is safe but they [government forces] are attacking from east and west. We will fight until the end. They have now started trying to go into the city to try to retake it.”

17:42 Reuters: A Libyan revolution spokesman says Gaddafi forces are heavily shelling Zawiyah and there are many casualties.

17:42 Al Jazeera: Eyewitness calling from Zawiya states there is one protester that is pinned down by gunfire behind tress right now. We can’t reach him.

17:34 BREAKING: Libyan State TV announced that Az Zawiya back in the hands of Gaddafi. Eyewitness speaking to Al Jazeera right now is falsifying this claim and says that the battle has resumed and that Az Zawiya is under siege from the east and west.

17:25 Reuters reports at least 4 dead in the battle of Ras Lanuf so far

17:25 Interpol says it issued its “orange notice” about Col Gaddafi to aid the enforcement of UN sanctions on Libya and help the International Criminal Court carry out an investigation into alleged human rights abuses in recent weeks. The aim of the notice is to pool intelligence to make sure the named individuals cannot get around the UN-imposed travel ban or asset freeze, Interpol says.

17:19 Al Jazeera Eyewitness states that residents can’t collect the dead bodies, when they try to do so, they go under sniper fire

17:16 BREAKING: Footage from Zawiya a few days back:

17:08 BREAKING from Reuters: Revolutionaries are now in control of Ras Lanuf airport.

17:00 BREAKING: Ras Lanuf is now in the hands of the revolutionaries!

16:45 BREAKING: Security forces raid a house in Zawiyat Ad Dahmani in Tripoli and kidnap 4 youth.

16:43 BREAKING: Al Jazeera is reporting that an oil facility at Zueitina, south of Benghazi, has been damaged and is on fire.

16:40 @Zawadahmany: Armed un-uniformed and heavy uniformed police presence observed in Tripoli.

16:36 BREAKING: Fighter jets are targeting revolutionaries at the outskirts of the city of Ras Lanuf.

16:33 The Guardian: British Officials have seized a ship reportedly packed with £100 million of Libyan money and escorted her into a British port, the UK Home Office has revealed.

16:26 Analysis: Tarhunah and Bani Waleed south of Tripoli need to join the revolution to block the southern road leading into Tripoli from Sabha. If this happens, Gaddafi’s reinforcements from the south will be cut off.

16:24 Anti aircraft rounds fired at Gaddafi planes to protect revolutionaries in Ras Lanuf

16:21 BREAKING from @libi4ever: Businessmen in from Misratah offer $25 million for Gaddafi’s head and $20 million for of each of his sons.

16:13 BREAKING @Libyan4life: Confirmed reports that in the city of Gheryan, the citizens took over the city once again and destroyed the military base there!

16:10 BBC: A group of anti-government demonstrators have also clashed with supporters of Col Gaddafi near Tripoli’s Green Square, witnesses have told the AFP news agency. Security forces personnel kept their distance during the fighting, but occasionally fired into the air, they added.

16:08 BREAKING: Clashes in Az Zawiya have now stopped. Many have been killed and amongst them Colonel Hussain Darbook who was amongst those who joined the revolution.

15:44 A Reuters correspondent who is 12.4 miles from Libya’s Ras Lanuf reports hearing “thuds of artillery and explosions.”

15:21@ShababLibya BREAKING: Reports of Clashes in the heart of Tripoli

15:20 @ShababLibya BREAKING: A split reported in the Ras lanuf pro gaddafi brigade, last town before Sirte, when confirmed is major development

15:10The Guardian’s Martin Chulov on the fighting in Ras Lanuf: “It appears to be quite intensive. We are seeing a lot of trucks head down the highway filled with weapons and men on their way to the frontline, a lot of ambulances heading there as well. It’s a bit far away to get an assessment for ourselves but, just from the sense of people on the move, it does appear to be a significant battle.”

15:09 Reuters reporter says that 14 pick-up trucks carrying Libyan security forces have entered the area in Tripoli where the protest is taking place.

15:03 BREAKING – AbdulRahman Shalgam, Libya’s Representative to the UN told Al Jazeera the following which has been translated:

Gaddafi, you are over. Go away. There is no more room for you here. Libyans are not in a revolution. They are in a liberation war. Libyans in the Gaddafi battalions are constantly joining the protesters every time they meet with them. I confirm that 80% of those with Gaddafi now are mercenaries. There won’t be a Rwanda massacre. I call on all Libyans to announce their alliegance to Mustafa AbdulJalil. I ask the people who are fighting for Gaddafi: who are you fighting for? Gaddafi’s family? Gaddafi who calls you rats and sandals? Why are you still with Gaddafi?

Saif was right in saying that we are not like Egypt and Tunisia. We are not protesting and demonstrating and sitting-in. We are engaged in a total war of liberation. You cannot give up now. If you do, you will most certainly be treated as rats and shoes for the rest of your lives.

Is it true that you are being bought with 500 Libyan Dinars? I urge the world to watch the Libyan State TV channel. What they are broadcasting is embarrassing. They claim that they are showing the reality of the situation, but it only embarrassing.

I am now with the Interim Council of Libya. I have been contacted by ambassadors and international ministers. We want legitimacy for the interim council, for them to be able to deal and handle all aspects of Libya. We want our embassies to only be dealing with the interim council.

We have passed the stage of negotiations, and I say that he needs to step down. And I call out to anyone who is still raising arms against Libyans, I tell you to drop them down, and if you do you will be guaranteed a trial in Libya.

We are now preparing armies in Benghazi, Az Zawiya and Nalut. When I say that only mercenaries are with Gaddafi now I know what I mean. And I know the countries that are part of this, and I tell them that we will chase them and hold them to account in the international courts.

I repeat, I tell Mu’ammar: I do not want to believe that you are contacting nations that are enemies to us, and hearing that you are seeking their support in how to oppress and destroy the protests. This is not you, so please don’t do this.

15:03 BREAKING Eyewitness to Al Jazeera: More than 50 killed and hundreds wounded in Az Zawiya clashes so far.

14:59 BBC Arabic’s Feras Kellani from Tajoura reports that security forces are using tear gas to disperse protesters.

14:57 Police are using violence to scatter protesters in Tripoli.

14:35 CONFIRMED Protests gaining momentum in Tajoura though there is a heavy presence of tanks. There are also other protests in across the city namely in Mezran.

14:35 BREAKING Eyewitness to Al Jazeera: between 6000 and 7000 well equipped revolutionaries armed with heavy weaponry and rifles headed to Ras Lanuf right now.

14:31 BREAKING Al Jazeera correspondent has just announced that there have been mass defections in Ras Lanuf! Revolutionaries are moving west towards Ras Lanuf right now!

14:19 –Abdullah Al Mehdi, Military Council Spokesman : Gaddafi forces have struck weapon depots in Brega, but other than that it is quiet. There are clashes in Al Agela right now. Also reported 50 mercenaries have been arrested in Nalut area. We are moving forwards, we have moved 40km west of Brega and are now in Al Agela and will continue moving forward.

14:19 –Battle in Al Harsha has become urban. Gaddafi battalions are placing snipers atop house roofs and attacking with anti-aircraft rounds and RPGs. Eyewitness confirms 10 killed from the revolutionaries and 12 from the pro-Gaddafi side.

14:09 –Almanara Media has just been informed via a BBC correspondent that journalists in Tripoli have disobeyed orders to remain inside their hotel rooms and have left to cover the events that are/will happen in Tripoli today.

14:03 – Checkpoints have been set up by Gaddafi’s security forces on the coastal road leading to Tripoli in the are of Tajoura.

14:00 – More information: After an attempt from Gaddafi’s security battalion to push forward from the area of Al Harsha leading to the refinery, they were met by a number of revolutionaries and army personnel from Az Zawiya. This led to a major confrontation which is still ongoing.

13:44 – Heavy clashes in the city of Az Zawiyah west of Tripoli. The clashes were heaviest in the area of Harsha. Gaddafi forces are firing at everyone and they even shot at an ambulance injuring the paramedic inside.

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20 Responses to Amazing: Anderson Cooper grills Gaddafi spokesman on hallucinogenic pills

  1. Zer0_II says:

    I am paying tribute to the brave protesters and revolutionaries in Libya by sharing music from the Libyan people on my blog @

    I am eager to get in touch with artists of all types from Libya. Please submit your work to me so that I can share it with the world and raise awareness of your struggle for freedom in Libya.

  2. amon says:

    I am with you!
    The solution is one World, one Earth, one Humanity without national governments, I think.

  3. havalah44 says:

    I can’t believe what is happening here. All our hearts must be with these brave, brave men. What courage they have shown. My heart is with the people of Libya .

  4. Ben Major says:

    I am an American in New York City. I am watching history happen before my eyes, and I am so proud and hopeful of my fellow human beings in Libya who are fighting with incredible bravery for dignity, freedom, happiness and sanity. I wish there was a trusted website I could go to in order to contribute in someway, with a few dollars or writing letters or whatever would be helpful to their cause. The idea of Gaddafi holding on in Tripoli for a single minute makes me both angry and sad. I do have one question, however, and I beg forgiveness if my question shows ignorance, but I do not mean it in any way to be disrespectful or accusatory. Why in so many videos of the revolutionaries fighting are the fighters all the time shouting “Alah Akbar!” Is this typical of secular Libyans, or is this a new style helping the fighters? I think I am asking about this for an important reason in your interest. It seems that the revolution would appreciate the recognition and appropriate support from Western countries, whose citizens, like here, are very supportive of your revolution. But, I’m sorry, in the West we only see this kind of shouting from video of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. So it makes many of us a little nervous, we don’t know what it means. Of course, there is nothing wrong with saying “God is Great!” and you know Allah is, of course, on your side to victory. It is sad that Allah Akbar! has this dark meaning in the West, but it does. Forgive me, for I just am letting you know the truth. Anyway, God bless you more, and may your hero-turned-madman be gone quickly. Long Live Freedom and those that fight for it!

  5. CanadianLibyan says:

    Hello Ben,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and your moral support. It really means a lot to know that people around the world know what is going on and care.
    I will try to answer your question although I am sure someone else will be able to do it much better!
    You’re right that the words “Allahu akbar” have, unfortunately, acquired a sinister connotation. All they mean is “God is great” or “God is the greatest”.
    When Muslims say this, they are acknowledging that while we humans (whichever side we’re on) may think we are powerful or in control of things, it is really God Who controls everything. So when we see, for example, what looks like a tragedy such as many protesters being killed, it would be easy to lose hope and think, “Oh, we’re overpowered and outnumbered and maybe we should give up”. But when we realize it is not us but God who is in charge, then we remember that He works in mysterious ways and can and does control everything. So, there is always the possibility that He will change the outcome of a battle in our favour, or give a small army victory over a larger or better armed one. It reminds us not to despair, that God is just and merciful, and if we fight on the side of good trying to defeat evil, He will help us. We realize that Qaddafi’s men-or any evil people-are only men, not super-human, and can be defeated no matter how powerful they appear to be.
    It also eases our hurting hearts when someone we love dies or something bad happens; we remember that there are some things that are simply beyond our control and are entirely in God’s hands. Sometimes in life we don’t like things that happen but for us as Muslims we have to believe He knows better than we do.
    I hope this explanation helps…

  6. Mr. Gross says:

    Take away Sirt, and there would be one less airport to worry about.

  7. Jim in California says:

    I stand with the brave people of Libya who are overthrowing their despicable dictator Qaddafi. As our great American author John Steinbeck wrote (in “The Grapes of Wrath”), “whenever they’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Whenever they’s a cop beatin’ up a guy, I’ll be there . . . . I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re mad an’-I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’re hungry an’ they know supper’s ready…. I’ll be there.” So “Allahu akbar,” and may Christ’s peace be with you all!

  8. Barbara says:

    The Libyan freedom fighters rock! I know that you won’t ever give up. It’s just a matter of time until Gaddafi is defeated. Amazing that even though the mad dog Gaddafi shut off the internet, the freedom fighters found a way around it!

  9. Phillip Turner says:

    Of course we are all aware of what’s going on in the Middle East right now, but as I was skimming through the news, I found that this post (link here, if you’d like a look: captures the situation extremely well, and shares some of the latest info. You sound like someone who’d appreciate something like this, so please enjoy 🙂

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