BREAKING: Families of Misratah offered 200,000 Libyan Dinars to stop protesting

AlmanaraAlmanara Media:

Reliable sources have reported to Almanara Media from that cities of Misratah and Nalut that Colonel Gaddafi has sent negotiators to them in the hopes of reconciliation and to stress that Gaddafi is willing to oblige all their demands.

The same sources also said that the negotiators had offered 200,000 Libyan Dinars to each family in Misratah that is prepared to go back to normal life, stop demonstrating and be reigned under the rule of Gaddafi once again.

According to our sources, the negotiators also offered the people of Nalut 250,000 Libyan Dinars per family, an offer which was unanimously refused by both cities through their representatives who confirmed the peoples’ demands for the need to overthrow Gaddafi’s regime.

The sources indicated that there are some traitors in the city of Misratah who are kidnapping and abducting young people by calling for resistance against Gaddafi and when the youth enter into the cars they are kidnapped and handed over to Pro-Gaddafi members in nearby cities.

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4 Responses to BREAKING: Families of Misratah offered 200,000 Libyan Dinars to stop protesting

  1. Mr. Gross says:

    From many stories, those who are kidnapped are killed.

  2. m0j0working says:

    the libyan courage and strength is so amazing and inspiring.

    • Ben (NYC) says:

      Talk about “blood Money!” How can any actually still believe anything that the sick sick murderer says. He makes me feel the same as if I got food poisoning from fish that is not good anymore. I hope he gets what he deserves. The worse thing he can do is position himself to be a “martyr”. In the meantime, Turkey is causing big problems for the Alliance to have more planes in Libya. Can it be that Turkey and disgusting politicians will allow for Misrata to be swallowed up by darkness, and its inhabitants massacred. I pray God give the needed strength to the brave youth of Misrata, and also that the mercenaries and thugs are consumed by their own evil and destroyed. Long live the Freedom Revolution!

  3. Merlin says:

    You only have to go back to old clips interviewing qathaffi to see what he says about killing Libyans . Check youtube.

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