BREAKING: A Brigadier and a Colonel killed by Revolutionaries in Zawiya today

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All times are in Libyan local time +2 GMT

2030 A number of Gaddafi’s forces were killed in Az Zawiya today, amongst them a Brigadier and a Colonel

2025 Dr Ali AsSallabi tells Al Jazeera:

The Libyan scene is that of peace, but Gaddafi has forced people to defend themselves

Libyans do not own weaponry, but only got it through the generals and colonels who defected as a means of defending themselves

Gaddafi wants to make from Az Zawiya a lesson for all the Libyan cities that are persistent on opposing him

The people of Tripoli are hostages held by the Gaddafi forces. Thousands of their youth have been captured and imprisoned.

2015 Al Jazeera reporter states that Gaddafi’s troops were taken by surprise today when the revolutionary forces moved under the cover of heavy artillery provided by the defecting army battalions.

2011 Al Jazeera reporter confirms that the oil tankers that were bombarded today are still burning and that the fires are still raging in them. He also confirms that initial count today is 5 deaths and 30 injuries from the revolution’s side in Ras Lanouf

A poster apparently seen in Benghazi:

19:59 Reuters reported earlier that according to the World Food Programme, a ship carrying wheat flour has arrived in Benghazi.

19:31 Reuters A witness from Az-Zawiyah said there was a fresh bombardment on the way in the west Libyan town when speaking to Al-Arabiya. No further details were given.

19:02 Channel 4‘s Jonathan Rugman tweets: “Government press trip to Zawiya suddenly cancelled while vans were revving to go. State TV now shows pro-Gaddafi rally there. Official explanation for Zawiya trip cancellation: oil minister giving press conference instead. Hotel full of angry hacks again.”

18:58 AP Rapper 50 Cent has said he will make a donation to UNICEF to help relief efforts in Libya. He performed at a private event during the 2005 Venice Film Festival that was later linked to the clan of Col Gaddafi. 50 Cent follows in the footsteps of other artists such as Beyonce, Usher, Mariah Carey and Nelly Furtado.

18:54 BBC The Libyan authorities have offered a bounty of 500,000 Libyan dinars ($400,000) to anyone who captures Mustafa Abdul Jalil. In an urgent headline bar, Libyan state TV also announced a reward of 200,000 dinars ($160,000) for information leading to the capture of Mr Abdel Jalil, who was described as an “agent spy”.

18:44 BBC A spokesman in Az-Zawiyah said that while Gaddafi’s forces were in the main square and they had retreated, they would claim back the city from Gaddafi and they would do so tonight.

18:40 BBC A doctor in Zawiya says at least 40 people have died in fighting on Wednesday, probably many more. Al Jazeera adds that several of Gaddafi’s soldiers have been killed, including a general and a colonel.

1833 Today the army that defected has been leading the battle and giving orders as opposed to the past few days.

18:10 Al Jazeera interviewed an engineer who works in Sidra Port and an eyewitness. He told the reporter:

1. I saw with my own eyes Gaddafi’s planes drop bombs on Sidra Port with the unquestionable intention to destroy it

2. They bombed the oil tanks, labs and petrol station. They have destroyed the electricity and water systems

3. 80% of Sidra Port is destroyed. The port is no longer functional.

1800 The Guardian footage of revolutionaries firing at attacking planes sent by the Gaddafi regime

1712 BREAKING Footage showing aid from Tunisia that has been blocked from entering Libya by Gaddafi regime. Video shows water, milk, child diapers and much more.

1710 Al Jazeera reports that a family left their house 30 minutes before it was bombed today

1651 BREAKING Mustafa AbdulJalil: None of the National Transitional Council members will have a position in the new Libya Government. Our role in politics ends the moment the new government is formed.

1644 Mustafa AbdulJalil These revolutionaries have one aim, and that is to lift the siege on Sirt, Misratah, Az Zawiya and Tripoli

1630 BREAKING New air strike in Bin Jwad right now!

1610 Al Jazeera A plane is now flying over the town of Bin Jwad.

1606 Al JazeeraThe battle is now for the western parts of Bin Jwad. Revolutionaries have the rest of the town under their control.

1605 BREAKING: Al Jazeera Ambulances are regularly driving into Ras Lanouf having come from the battle front in Ras Lanouf

1552 Al Jazeera Huge explosion a few seconds ago near Sidra port. Flames hundreds of meters in the air!

1548 Al Jazeera Revolutionaries have entered Ben Jwad and are now in control of it

1534 Al Jazeera The town of Ban Jwad is approximately 20km away from where the smoke is rising (watch Al Jazeera online)

1529 Al Jazeera Gaddafi forces have attempted to enter Sidra port from the west side but were warded off by the revolutionaries who have been firing heavily at them. Despite this, they are still moving forward and trying to make ground

1512 Gaddafi planes are bombarding Ras Lanouf right now. You can watch live online at Al Jazeera

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