Video: BBC footage showing shot down helicopter

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01:32 BBC footage showing shot down helicopter

23:56 Reuters The Libyan National Transitional Temporary Council has told Al Jazeera that it expects to be recognized by some countries soon. “There are official contacts with European and Arab (countries). Upon the release (later) today of a statement, some countries will announce their recognition,” ex-Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel Jalil, who heads the council, told the channel.

23:19 Al Jazeera Confirmed: Several Libyan military officials have defected in liberated Ras Lanuf and now fight with the people (via @Jnoubiyeh)

23:07 Al Jazeera Correction: Libyan consul general to Mali resigns.

22:57 Evan Hill tweets: Another big boom in Benghazi. Weapons depot? Overeager rebel? Sabotage? Who knows.

22:57 Al Jazeera None of the Touareg tribes have provided Gaddafi with military support

22:32 UPDATE: We have removed the translations as they were unofficial and we do not wish to misrepresent the National Transitional Council.

22:16 BBC Dr Sunita Singh, who teaches at the University of Sirte, tells the BBC’s Newshour programme gunfire has been heard for the first time in daytime.” Dr Singh says every student has been given a gun to protect themselves against any sort of invasion. Dr Singh’s description goes on: “In the past week, every boy has been given a gun for self-protection. My students told me they couldn’t come to class, they said, ‘We have night duty, we can’t come.’ They are protecting the city and many of them have been armed. Maybe they can sense that they are losing ground so they are trying to do their best to protect themselves. They know the battle has reached them and they have to fight it.”

The BBC‘s John Simpson reports from Ras Lanuf about the downed fighter jet here

20:53 Iyad El-Baghdadi has just posted an updated strategic map of Sidra Bay. Click on the image for a larger view. Sidra Bay

20:33 Foreign Policy reports that Ban Ki-moon will appoint the former Jordanian foreign minister as special envoy for Libya. Read it here

20:24 National Libya Council appoints Abdul Hafid Abdul Qader Ghoga as deputy head & official spokesman. (Via @SultanAlQassemi) Ali Essawi, former ambassador to India, is now coordinator of Foreign Affairs (Via @EnoughGaddafi)

20:02 Check the latest calls and reports from Az-Zawiyah here at feb17voices

19:57 Libyan Interim Council in Benghazi appoints 31 officers and and announces Mustafa AbdulJalil as the head of the council. The council has declared itself the sole representative of the country.

19:36 BBC A new diplomatic defection from the Gaddafi camp: Libya’s second-highest ranking diplomat in Namibia, Saad Bakar, has left for a Mediterranean country to join the opposition movement, a Namibian human rights organisation told AFP

20:10 There are reports from several twitter users and Al Arabiya that demonstrators are moving from Bani Walid towards Sirte.

@Alarabiya_Eng BREAKING: Thousands from Bani Walid heading to Gaddafi’s stronghold of Sirte: Sources told Al Arabiya TV

CONFIRMED: Caller from Bani Walid- Bani Walid on their to Sirte to besiege #Gaddafi’s brigade and mercenaries

@Iyad_elbaghdadi Getting very interesting reports about Bani Walid, nothing confirmed but hope it’s true…

18:56 Several reports on twitter about heavy battles in Az-Zawiyah again. Iyad El-Baghdadi tweets: Heavy battles now in Azawiya… tanks have progressed again into city center.

18:38 BBC A veteran soldier who is siding with the rebels has told AFP in Bin Jawad that the speed of the advance west towards the city of Sirte will depend on reinforcements and the weather. A dust storm has drastically reduced visibility in the area, the news agency’s correspondent says. He adds that Bin Jawad is a small settlement – “two restaurants, shacks and houses”. But it is just 150km (95 miles) from Sirte.

18:18 BBC Rebels are engaging with government forces at Bin Jawad, the BBC’s Nick Springate reports from Ras Lanuf.

18:05 Guardian A local resident told Reuters “The fighting has intensified and the tanks are shelling everything on their way. They have shelled houses. Now they are shelling a mosque where hundreds of people are hiding, we can’t rescue anyone because the shelling is so heavy.”

17:58 BREAKING: Eyewitness tells Al Jazeera that Gaddafi forces enter the central square of Zawiya and have executed their fellow soldiers who were previously captured by the revolutionaries in Az Zawiya

17:58 BBC The al-Jazeera correspondent also says there are reports that a rift has emerged in Sirte between the al-Firjan tribe and the al-Qadhdhafa tribe, to which Col Gaddafi belongs. Twenty soldiers from the al-Firjan were tied up and shot dead by members of an internal security brigade in Ras Lanuf when they refused to open fire on the rebels, the reports say.

17:56 BBC An al-Jazeera correspondent in the eastern city of Ras Lanuf says pro-Gaddafi forces have retreated westwards to the area of Wadi al-Ahmar, 140km (87 miles) from Misrata. The rebels are regrouping and are preparing to move towards Wadi al-Ahmar and then the Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte, he adds.

17:39 @SultanAlQassemi Al Jazeera: Libyan revolutionaries shoot down two helicopters in Ras Lanuf & Ben Jwad

Translation from The original Arabic declaration can be viewed here.


The Libyan Republic

Declaration of the Establishment of the
National Transitional Temporary Council

In affirmation of the sovereignty of the Libyan people over the entirety of their territory, land, sea and air; and in response to the demands of the Libyan people, towards the realization of the free will with which they shaped the uprising of February 17th; and in preservation of the Libyan people’s national unity; we resolve to establish a national council named ‘the National Transitional Temporary Council’ to be the only legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

Article 1

1. To ensure the safety and peace of citizens and the national territory
2. To coordinate national efforts to liberate the remaining quarters of the nation
3. To coordinate the efforts of local councils working towards the return of civic life
4. To supervise the military council so as to ensure the realization of a new doctrine for the national army towards the defense of the Libyan people and protection of its borders
5. To supervise the election of a founding assembly charged with developing a new constitution for the country to be submitted to public referendum, so that the legitimacy of the constitution is founded on: the will of the people, the triumphant uprising of February 17th, respect for human rights, guarantee of civil liberties, separation of powers, an independent judiciary and the establishment of national institutions that provide for broad and pluralistic participation, the peaceful transition of authority and the right of representation for every segment of Libyan society
6. To form a transitional government to pave the way for free elections
7. To conduct and to steer foreign policy, to organize relations with foreign nations and international and regional organizations, and to represent the Libyan people before them

Article 2
The Council’s Organizational Structure

1. The Council is composed of 30 members, representing all of Libya’s regions and all segments of Libyan society, with youth membership representing no less than 5 members.
2. The Council will select from its members a president, an official spokesperson and coordinators for a variety of domestic and foreign functions.

Article 3
Seat of the Council

The Council’s permanent seat is at the capital, Tripoli, taking Benghazi as its temporary seat until the capital is liberated.

Article 4

It is the responsibility of the Council to set protocols for its regular and emergency meetings and to make decisions in accordance with the interests of the Libyan people, in a manner that does not contradict the people’s demands, the basis of which were declared by the uprising of February 17th: the fall of the Gaddafi regime and the establishment of a civil, constitutional and democratic state.

Article 5

Based on agreement of municipal councils across various liberated areas, the Council selects Mr. Mustafa Abdul Jaleel as the President of the National Transitional Temporary Council and Mr. Abdul Hafid Abdul Qader Ghoga as his Deputy and the Official Spokesperson for the Council.

Long Live a Free and United Libya
Glory to the Martyrs of the February 17th Uprising

Liberated Libya March 2, 2011

February 17th Revolutionaries
(stamped by the Coalition of February 17th)


17:24 A resident of Zawiya tells the AFP news agency: “The tanks are everywhere in the city and are opening fire on houses. I saw at least seven speed outside my house and the shelling does not stop. Pray for us.” (Via BBC)

17:21 Caller to Al Jazeera English says there are currently still heavy clashes in Az-Zawiya, they use heavy weapons and he seems to say some of Gaddafi’s forces are dressed in plain clothes, he says it is not always clear who is who and on which side they are. Civilians are being targeted he says.

17:08 Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford, at Zawiya’s hospital, says that within the last 10 or 15 minutes government tanks loaded with soldiers have been rolling in and heading towards Martyrs Square in the centre of the city. She says there was a heavy artillery bombardment lasting about 10 minutes. Since then, the sound of gunfire has died down. Casualties have started arriving at the hospital – many with serious injuries, including a young boy of about 10 whose body peppered with bullets, she adds. There are also reports that government forces have been taking away bodies on the streets to minimise the number of known casualties. Clearly a battle is going on for Zawiya, she concludes. (Taken from BCC)

17:07 Al Jazeera English reports that “dozens” have reportedly been killed in the latest clashes in Az-Zawiya.

16:40 @iyad_elbaghdadi tweeted this amazing picture of a Libyan freedom fighter in Az Zawiya. Check out the weapons!

16:23 Al Jazeera Eyewitness has just said that 35 tanks were surrounding Az Zawiya from the coastal road with cars loaded with 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns. The people of Zawiya were able to push them away earlier today.

Az Zawiya is currently being shelled indiscriminately by tanks from all locations

This morning a full scale attack was made on Zawiya. From 7am till 10am. ALL forms of artillery was used. It is being surrounded right now from every direction.

This morning 3 tanks entered the heart of Tripoli, but the guys were able to disable the tanks. In the tanks were african mercenaries and Libyans. We captured some and killed some. The 6 captured came from the following locations: 1 from Al Khums, 1 from Werfalla, 1 from Zawiya, 1 from Zleetin and 2 from African countries.

Food stocks are ok, but people need IV solution(?) for drips. Medical supplies are needed.

Despite the tens of deaths and hundreds of injuries, the morale is extremely high and people have vowed not to leave the streets and to protect their city.

Snipers have taken to the high spots and have been killing people INSIDE their homes. Revolutionaries were able to capture a sniper and he has confessed to everything.

16:18 Al Jazeera correspondent has confirmed that revolutionaries moving in from the east have vowed not to stop till they reach Baab Al Aziziyah, Gaddafi’s base in Tripoli

16:16 Al Jazeera – Electricity, internet and telephones are cut from Zawiya right now.

16:00 Translated by us – An evocation for support from Az Zawiya to the people of Zintan: May Glod bless the spirt of struggle in you, O descendants of heroes. Here, the situation has tightened around us and the horrors have intensified. We do not ask food for the children and neither do we need money. Rather, we ask God first then you for support of men. So rise to support your brothers in God and please do not let us down like our neighbours have, and God is the ultimate assister.

15:48 Gaddafi has been trying to strike fear in the tribes in central Libya that live in Sirt by saying that the revolutionaries will seek revenge and will be hostile towards them. It is important to stress from this blog that the revolutionaries have no such desire. The revolutionaries want to oust the oppressive regime, the head of which is Gaddafi.

15:45 Al Jazeera correspondent reports that the revolutionaries are preparing to head towards Al Wadi Al Ahmar (The Red Valley) which is the base for AsSaadi Gaddafi Battalion.

15:34 Sky reporter Alex Crawford describing Az Zawiya this morning after citizens pushed 30 tanks back.Listen!

15:34 BREAKING Jummah Al Gamati on Al Jazeera also stated that he has intel that the Emirates is on the brink of sending a shipment of 100 new Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 cars to Libya to be used by the Gaddafi regime.

15:31 BREAKING Libyan Analyst Jummah Al Gamati on Al Jazeera states that a neighbouring country, namely Algeria, has been sending planes with mercenaries to Libya which have been landing in Miteega Air Base in Tripoli.

15:23 Sky News Correspondent Alex Crawford says it has been very quiet for the last hour or so. The main square, which was the scene of a pitched battle between rebels and two pro-Gaddafi brigades earlier this morning, is almost silent, she adds, and people are beginning to walk and drive around the city again. However, she says there are at least 11 tanks deployed on the outskirts of Zawiya, where a military cordon has been set up. The city’s hospital is treating at least 60 casualties, and there are number of dead bodies still inside the city’s mosque, she adds.

15:18 A press conference will be held by the Libyan Interim Council in 3 hours.

15:00 @iyad_elbaghdadi: Reports that most of Gaddafi’s battalions in western Libya have been pulled back towards Az Zawiya. This is your chance, Gharyan & Bani Walid.

15:00 BREAKING: Almanara Media reports that there are disagreements between the tribes in Sirt at the moment. A huge development!

13:16 A Reuters correspondent in Zawiya reports that the western city has been “encircled” by pro-Gaddafi forces. “There are a lot of checkpoints. They are tightening their grip on the centre.”

12:58 According to Reuters, Gaddafi forces are manning checkpoints 3km from the center of Az-Zawiya, blocking access.

12:53 According to an eye witness speaking to Reuters, forces loyal to Gaddafi are currently closing in on the center of Az-Zawiya.

12:47 Reuters/Al Jazeera report that Gaddafi is sending new troops towards Az-Zawiya after demonstrators fended off an attack earlier today. They captured 3 APCs, two tanks and one pick-up, a spokesman had told Reuters earlier. (see here)

12:47 The Guardian reports that opposition forces are moving westwards from Ras Lanuf. They say they now control the small town of Bin Jawad. “They’re in Harawa, 12 to 15km after Bin Jawad. We’re getting calls from there and people are coming back from there,” A witness told Reuters.

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  1. Palestinian says:

    Salam guys,
    I think it would be very helpful if your guys in Benghazi and other liberated cities start a campaign of calling families in Sirt and other cities that are still under Gaddafi’s control, the message should be simple and clear; mostly encouraging them to join the revolution and assuring them Libya is united and there will never be any cases of revenge against residence of these cities or against relatives of Gaddafi’s supporters. Just a suggestion.

  2. adam says:

    الى الاخوة البربر الامازيغ احفاد طارق بن زياد وبن تومرت وابطال معركة الزلاقة في الاندلس اقتلو اليهودي اللعين القذافي بن رزالا اليهودية وابن الطيار الايطالي هيا لاتتخافي

  3. John.Chicago says:

    On Iyad El-Baghdadi’s map, does anyone know what the liberated place just to the west of Bin Jawad is? I can’t read the label.

  4. Adnalya says:

    What is the situation in Az Zawiyah now?

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