Video: Compilation of Misrata

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00:15 Video compilation of Misrata

23:54 @LibyaInMe tweets that there is fierce fighting between Gaddafi’s forces and revolutionaries in Sirte right now.

22:47 BBC: The UN has demanded “urgent access” to the rebel city of Misrata, which has come under heavy shelling by government forces and where a UN envoy said the “injured and dying” needed immediate help, AFP reports.

21:36 In a live call on Al Jazeera, someone who returned from the battle at Ras Lanuf says that troops made up of mercenaries also included women holding children so revolutionaries could not shoot. (Via @ShababLibya)

22:29 Ibn Omar tweets: “tripoli: shootings starting up again. sounds of running and gunfire near green square area.”

22:26 Al Jazeera – Revolutionaries release British Diplomat and 7 SAS soldiers. They have embarked on HMS Cumberland since

21:25 Al Jazeera have put up a fax they received detailing the Transitional Council’s first meeting. Click on the image to see the original size.

21:12 The Transitional National Council announces Omar el-Hariri as its “representative of Military Affairs for safety and security”. Follow them @LibyanTNC

20:17 Reuters reports that the opposition forces have said they were not contacted about Chavez’ peace plan. “We have not heard of this and were not contacted officially by anyone wanting to negotiate,” spokesman Hafiz Ghoga told a news conference in Libya’s second city. Asked if the rebels would respond positively, he said: “It depends on what they present to us but we are acting on the demands of our people and we cannot forego those demands.

19:17 @iyad_elbaghdadi translating a call from Misratah live on Al Jazeera. Thank you Iyad. He tweeted:

Latest figure, 93 injured, at least 20 are critical

A third of our casualties (dead/injured) today are civilians, including young children.

Two year old boy was shot in the chest.

We lured their convoy into the city center and then cut them off and surrounded them.

Among the Gaddafi cars today firing on civilians was an ambulance with Tripoli plates.

Even before the war our health care system was barely functioning, so imagine how it is now…

We are low on anesthetics, there are over 60 injured.

Hospital and drug storage warehouse was hit by Gaddafi shelling.

17 dead today among revolutionaries & civilians; including a two year old boy.

19:11 The Guardian reports that it seems the British troops that were detained by the opposition may be on their way out. Al Jazeera’s Hoda Hamid reported seeing the eight men board the HMS Cumberland. She said she was was shown an official letter explaining seven of them were providing the security detail for the eighth, a diplomat, who was attempting to get in contact with opposition forces.

A video of Misrata, apparently showing the town earlier today

18:19 Al Jazeera eyewitness says negotiations are currently under way and revolutionaries will enter Sirt without a fight

18:07 Al Jazeera eyewitness says revolutionaries killed 22 from Gaddafi’s soldiers. The citizens of Misratah suffered a loss of 16 people, amongst them a 12 year old child. They also suffered 60 injuries, amongst them 6 in critical condition. The city is now out in the thousands celebrating and chanting in support of the revolution

17:57 A resident in Misrata gives more details to Reuters of the success in driving back government forces saying: “The revolutionaries captured 20 soldiers and seized a tank. The town is now fully in the control of the youths.”

Come on Libya! – by far the best compilation video we’ve posted so far
Libyan Revolution – Take Whats Yours
Uploaded by libyansrevolt. – News videos hot off the press.

17:35 Al Jazeera Tanks are still engaged in shelling Az Zawiya. Electricity, telephones and internet are still cut from the city

17:33 Al Jazeera Gaddafi tanks are shelling Misratah from the western side. However, Reuters and several twitter users report that Misrata has repelled government attacks and that Gaddafi’s forces have withdrawn.

17:30 Al Jazeera Heavy presence of Gaddafi fighter jets and helicopters over the area of Brega right now

15:48 BBC Volleys of gunfire are still hammering around Tripoli, says the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen there. But he says there are questions being asked in Tripoli about the thousands of rounds that have been fired today. “Now, in daylight, it’s clear that it is coming from Gaddafi supporters… But before dawn it sounded different, more like a fight. That’s how it sounded. Different sorts of guns appeared to be exchanging fire. And later on, a Libyan man came up to me to say that there had been some sort of shootout going on, and the mass firing in the air and the celebrations had been started to cover it up.”

15:23 Al Jazeera reports that Az-Zawiyah is under renewed airstrikes

15:15 AP summarises what its reporters have seen of the fierce fighting between Ras Lanuf and Bin Jawad: “The reporters witnessed air attacks by helicopters on the rebel forces and heavy fighting on the ground. A warplane also attacked a small military base at Ras Lanuf and destroyed three hangars and a small building. Regime forces shelled rebel positions at Ras Lanuf with rockets and artillery.”

The Guardian‘s Peter Beaumont writes: What is clear, however, is that a large military deployment appears to be under way in Tripoli and the surrounding areas, with ever more tanks visible both inside the city and in the countryside and more missile launchers seen on the roads. One column of BM-21 Grad launchers seen by the Guardian on Saturday included 11 vehicles.

14:42 The BBC’s John Simpson in Ras Lanuf says a helicopter from Col Gaddafi’s airforce has flown over as though trying to work out the strength of the rebel defences. The rebels are experiencing a shortage of fuel. All of this increases their anxiety, he says.

14:42 Al Jazeera Revolutionaries regrouping in preparation to move west towards Al Wadi Al Ahmar

14:39 Almanara Media Reports From Al Zawiya that the revolutionaries have defeated the forces of Gaddafi and killed 21 of them, looted 4 Land Cruiser carrying anti-aircraft weapons in addition to tanks and jeeps.

14:30 @LibyanDictator CONFIRMED: Brigade in Ben Wleed moved towards #Misrata yesterday and accessed city from 3 entrances

14:18 The BBC’s John Simpson in Ras Lanuf says rebel troops are heading westwards and are about 45km west of Ras Lanuf but he says they are running into stiffer resistance than they were expecting and have experienced so far. Col Gaddafi’s TV service claims that his men have re-captured Ras Lanuf but this is clearly not true, our correspondent says.

14:09 BBC A local doctor in Misrata tells the BBC that four government tanks have entered the city firing on people indiscriminately – even shooting at an ambulance. He says the situation is “very bad”; at least three people are dead and scores more have been injured – he says people are being treated for gunshot wounds to the arms, shoulders and legs.

14:10 Al Jazeera Eyewitness confirms that one tank has been destroyed in Misratah. Revolutionaries led them in and have now surrounded them from all directions.

13:56 BBC The British government confirms it has a diplomatic team in Libya, but will not comment on reports that SAS members have been seized by rebel forces

13:56 Reuters Libyan government forces are attacking the revolution-held town of Misrata using tanks and artillery, destroying everything in their path as they try to reach the town’s centre, a resident tells Reuters by telephone

13:42 Reuters A Ukrainian nurse who worked for Gaddafi for over two years is secretly filmed by a Ukrainian journalist as saying that the Libyan leader is in good health and is a “great psychologist”

13:28 Gaddafi has spoken to a french news agency and denies that he has given orders for troops to fire at revolutionaries. He also stated that he has not given orders to use force yet

13:25 @ShababLibya Constant gun fire through the morning heard in Tajoora district of Tripoli

13:18 Al Jazeera Two Gaddafi planes have been shot down in the Ras Lanuf region. Both pilots have been captured and have been identified as Syrian

13:12 Al Jazeera – An eyewitness has just called from Misratah and stated the following:

From around an hour, Misratah started getting attacked from the western entrance. Local urging people to stay in their homes. Some tanks have entered into the main roads of Misratah and shelling heavily. They are trying one final attempt to reclaim the city.

Tanks and 3 to 4 armoured personnel carries have entered. Analysts say these tanks cannot stay because Misratah is completely liberated. The revolutionaries will attack these tanks in any way possible.

Revolutionaries are using ammunition sparingly, but the Gaddafi forces are firing left right and center with the aim of terrorising the residents.

12:48 Al Jazeera: Revolutionaries reject claims that Gaddafi forces have reoccupied Tobruk, Ras Lanuf, Misratah and Zawiyah

12:48 Reuters A revolutionary spokesman in Zawiya says revolutionaries are still in control of the town centre, as an attack by pro-Gaddafi forces has been pushed back.

12:32 BREAKING Eyewitness tells Al Jazeera that the city of Misratah is being heavily bombarded by Gaddafi’s forces right now

12:25 AFP reports that 15 people have been injured in clashes at Bin Jawad this morning

12:15 AP reports that revolutionaries say they have withdrawn from Bin Jawad after clashes this morning

12:01 Reuters reports that revolutionaries have shot down a helicopter, the report does not say where

11:57 BBC A huge explosion has been heard in the rebel-held oil town of Ras Lanuf, followed by the sound of anti-aircraft guns opening fire, an AFP reporter says.

11:52 BBC Libyan rebel forces are falling back to Ras Lanuf from positions further west, firing at a helicopter overhead, Reuters quotes a witness as saying. It follows reports that government forces had attacked rebels in Bin Jawad, west of Ras Lanuf.

11:11 Reuters reports that Gaddafi forces have attacked Bin Jawad. One injured fighter says they attacked with machine guns and RPGs. Another fighter said there were snipers. Ambulances rushed casualties back to Ras Lanuf

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10 Responses to Video: Compilation of Misrata

  1. Adnalya says:

    AlmanaraMedia almanara
    Important, Gaddafi regime are taking out children who are orphans of their status and would go directly to Green square #tripoli 1 hour ago

  2. Adnalya says:

    Libya United
    @AlmanaraMedia Please RT: All who care about #Libya: Sign & spread this easy2use NileSat petition

  3. Angel12 says:

    The whole bombing of Libya is a Big Media Lie. Russian sattelite show the press there where no bombings on humans of libya.

  4. Angel12 says:—russian-military

    The reports of Libya mobilizing its air force against its own people spread quickly around the world. HoweverRussia’s military chiefs say they have been monitoring from space — and the pictures tell a different story. According to Al Jazeera and BBCon February 22 Libyan government inflicted airstrikes on Benghazi — the country’s largest city — and on the capital Tripoli. Howeverthe Russian militarymonitoring the unrest via satellite from the very beginningsays nothing of the sort was going on on the ground. At this pointthe Russian military is saying thatas far as they are concernedthe attacks some media were reporting have never occurred. The same sources in Russia’s military establishment say they are also monitoring the situation around Libya’s oil pumping facilities. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:

  5. Basiri says:

    Beware of Ali Errichi, that coward who had been kissing Gaddafi’s shoes until yesterday, and that now is a puppet in hands of foreign countries.

  6. Adnalya says:

    22:47 BBC: The UN has demanded “urgent access” to the rebel city of Misrata, which has come under heavy shelling by government forces and where a UN envoy said the “injured and dying” needed immediate help, AFP reports.
    Not only Misrata needs UN help. It is also the Az Zawiyah city that is in the same situation, if not even worse, as long as till Tripoli are only 50 km and in the last 3 days were attacked for 7 – 8 times.

  7. Siddique Malik says:

    I live in America, but I once lived in Benghazi. It is so wonderful to see freedom come to that great city and other equally great cities of Libya. Hopefully, freedom will soon be all over Libya and Libya’s mad tyrant, his cronies and his equally crazy sons will be relegated to the dustbin of history. I have fond memories of the kindness and greatness of the people of Benghazi and the rest of Libya. They have proved that they are a brave people, a proud people. Here is my humble suggestion to Libya’s new government that is temporarily based in Benghazi: Ask the entire world to come to your help militarily. Don’t depend on the UNO to act, because UNO is handicapped by the veto powers of two anti-freedom countries, China and Russia. They will naturally side with the tyrant of Tripoli. Also, don’t depend too much on the Arab League, because it too is a hostage to dictators. Do you think Yemen and Saudi Arabia and UAE and Jordan and Syria will allow freedom to come to Libya? I don’t think so. Your first and top-most priority should be to ensure that your tyrant and his cronies are kicked out of power and subjected to a trial for crimes against humanity. Only then can you embark upon the monumental task of building a new Libya. Issue a blanket appeal to the world to come and help you to get rid of the tyrant so that the genocide ends. May Allah bless and protect the people of Libya, as they fight for freedom.
    Siddique Malik.

  8. Jairo says:

    All my best wishes to you. I hope you defeat the dictator and his kronies quickly and with the lessest amount of losses. You are teaching us a lesson of howbsomeone’s freedom can be conquered or defended . It will last in our memories. Believe me.
    Jairo from Spain.

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