BREAKING – Spokesman for Benghazi’s Military Council: We have 10,000 recruits and volunteers

The spokesman for the Revolution’s Military Council in Benghazi has just informed Al Jazeera that they currently have 10,000 recruits and volunteers. They are currently in the process of organising them in preparation for the mission of liberating the remaining cities in the west of Libya and will begin mobilising this force westward soon.

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12 Responses to BREAKING – Spokesman for Benghazi’s Military Council: We have 10,000 recruits and volunteers

  1. Orlando says:

    I can hardly wait! Free Libya!

  2. Palestinian says:

    Hey guys, this is really bad news. Your country is slipping into a civil war and that’s exactly what Gaddafi and his sons want. Let’s not fool ourselves, what happened in Misrata and still happening in Berga is very much a civil war.
    I’m no military expert, but I think what Libya needs now is a swift and decisive air strike on Bab Al Azeeziyah compound, once and forever strike. You have only one shot to end this otherwise it’s gonna drag on and on for years to come.
    Where are the two fighter jets that refused to bomb Benghazi and landed there instead. Where’s the defected air force????
    You don’t have fighter jets capable of carrying out the strike? Buy or borrow fighter jets from the US and let Libyan pilots carry out the strikes after all, you have $30 billion frozen over there. The Libyan people started it and they have to finished it on their own, don’t let the US or the NATO carry any air strikes or set a foot on Omar Al Mukhtar’s soil. This has to end as swiftly as possible.
    My heart and prayers with the Libyan people EXCEPT Al Gaddafi.

    • Rumle75 says:

      Do you have any idea how heavily defendet that compound are? Two fighter without jammers, stealth and other countermeasures to antiaircraft weapons would be a suiside mission without a purpose.

    • Rafi says:

      Hey Palestinian
      Just to remind who’s leaders visited Gaddafy and hailed him as a liberal and human wrighs? ok I will remind you: IT WAS THE PALESTINIAN leaders. by the way, the same leaders who were visiting Bashar Assad and hailed his as liberal etc. etc. BS.
      So, maybe, instead visiting all kind of dictators (including Ahmadinidjad) start doing something for true peace.
      p.s. as you probably guess I am an Israeli

  3. Admin says:

    Hey Palestinian,

    This point constantly frustrated me for a while also. But the more I thought and read about it, the more evident it became to me. Even the US and the UK are reconsidering an air strike and for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that Libya has a fair amount of surface to air missles with a quite the long range capable of knocking down many planes.

    If the Libyan planes in Benghazi were to make a move towards Baab Al Aziziyah, they would need to fly past Sirt which has one of the biggest anti-aircraft missle bases in Libya. Planes would simply get shot down. Another point to keep in mind is the speculation that Libya’s airforce has in fact been over exaggerated by Gaddafi and that many planes may actually be redundant or poorly maintained.

    Finally, bombing Baab Al Aziziyah will not kill Gaddafi. The bunker is said to be able to withstand a nuclear attack, and there are reports that its tunnels burrow under many parts of Tripoli.

    Nevertheless, the move needs to be decisive and soon. This stalemate is not benefitting anyone except Gaddafi who seems to be buying time for reasons the magnitude of which is hidden to all of us.

    • Palestinian says:

      Alright you do have a point their. Let’s use his own tactics against him. The people around him and the mercenaries he brought in are all after money, so let’s make those people rich. The interim govt needs to announce a huge bounty on Al Gaddafi’s head, say around $20 million and $10 million on each of his sons. The activists inside Tripoli need to print thousands of fliers with the bounty details and distribute them all over the city making sure the pro-gaddafi and mercenaries take a look at them. Let’s hope the greedy will do something, if not then at least the psychological purpose is attained. Money is not a problem, once Al Gaddafi is out the new govt will have billions of dollars.

  4. Rumle75 says:

    Right now the problem is a stalemate. Gaddafi has a heavy defence, but he is not able to attack. Nobody knows why. Maybe it’s because of the low morale among his own troops and the fact that the mercenaries only are in Libya for money and fortune.

    Free Libya is filled to the brink with the bravest soldiers ever. Boys are becoming men and men are becoming fierceful fighters. But they lack equitment, coordination and military skills. The brave people have shown the entire world that they have the bravery to repell tanks with rocks and molotovs. But that’s not enough to give Libya back to its rightful owners: The free people of Libya.

  5. David says:

    Thanks for all the comments. Some of the above commentators characterized the situation in Libya as a ‘stalemate.’ It is not a stalemate. The Qaddafi opposition (rebels) are gaining territory and will almost certainly be able to win in the coming weeks (or months).

  6. Sean says:


    I’m interested in hearing more about what you have to say. I’m not an expert, but I’ve tried to follow this closely.

    What is the basis for your assertion that Qaddafi can win?

    Given the takeover of most cities by the people, the resignations of embassy staff abroad, the defections of military leaders/troops, the takeover of weapons caches, the diplomatic isolation – I just haven’t read anyone who is articulating what Qaddafi is actually capable of.

    Much of the reporting I have read indicates that Qaddafi’s position is unrecoverable. Can you elaborate on why you disagree?

    It would be much appreciated.

  7. Alberto says:

    Hey guys, nobody knows better than Libyan fellows how to fight with Gaddafi. If they say it’s useless to bomb Aziziya there must be a reason.
    In fact, this mad dog is the only one having well and modern equipped faithful forces. During last 41 years he has dismantled the army knowing well it could be dangerous to have them against in such cases as now (I am an eye-witness of how poor is Libyan Army as I am visint Libya since more than 2 decades). In my opinion the only way to solve this stalemate is to bribe someone close to him offering a lot of money and the way to escape from Libya as such kind of people are committed with the worst crimes ever happened in the Country and know well if they get caught by the protesters nobody will save them from lynching or execution.
    Therefore is not that easy as it seems t be. Moreover, we must ask ourselves who gave Gaddafi the chance to rule Libya ? Is there anybody thinking 1st of September Revolution (Al Fatah) was a real one ?
    Who stands behind Gaddafi ? The truth is out there ! Do you believe he could stay nearly 42 years without being supported by ………, guess by whom !?! It’s the same old story, remember Saddam and you will be close to the solution.

  8. David says:


    Thanks for responding. You misunderstood me. It is not a stalemate. I am saying that the rebels (people, freedom fighters) will win in the coming weeks (or months). Qaddafi and his loyalists and mercenaries will lose soon.

    Qaddafi’s time is almost up. His regime is crumbling.

  9. Sean says:

    Ah yes, I see where I misread your statement. Thanks for the update.

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