Translated: Captured mercenary in Brega yesterday


Enough enough! Leave him! Enough! Come on now! Enough!
Man holding RPG: Guys, I want you to ask this ruffian what they’re looking for. What is this?
Another man: Record record
God is Greater, God is Greater!
Man with black jacket: come on guys, leave him leave him.
Cameraman: Faraj, FARAJ DON’T HIT! Don’t hit! Faraj!
Another man: Here, he is the mercenary
Man in blue overall: The guy is under my protection!
Cameraman: Come on Salem, Move Salem!
Man in blue overall: I swear to divorce my wife if anyone touches him! He is in my protection.
Man next to car: here here! Bring him in here!
Another man: tie him up guys! tie him up!

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6 Responses to Translated: Captured mercenary in Brega yesterday

  1. Mr. Gross says:

    Interrogate the mercenary to find out how is he getting paid, where did he come from and who is their boss other then Gaddafi.

  2. ChrisinMB says:

    “Man in blue overall: I swear to divorce my wife if anyone touches him! ”

    That’s a very odd thing to say!
    Is it a common saying in Libya or was something lost in the translation?

    • admin says:

      It is something that is said in Libya yes. The idea being that it is so grave for a man to divorce his wife that it would deter people from doing whatever it is he doesn’t want them to do. In this case, if anyone touches the mercenary he’ll divorce his wife. People would generally back away as they wouldn’t want him to follow through with it.

      It’s strongly strongly advised against making such oaths given the importance and value of oaths in the Islam

      • ChrisinMB says:

        Thanks for the explanation. I figured it must have been something to that effect.

        btw, it’s very honorable & brave of that fellow to protect the mercenary like that.

  3. Kriist says:

    I would imagine the mercenary is right about now (when being filmed) re-evaluating his reasons for getting on the plane in Kinshasa, Kartoum or where ever it was. He should thank his lucky stars the he wasn’t executed upon being caught.

  4. sonnet says:

    Kindly this is a review of data on link between Qaddafi regime and Serbia with special emphasis on Mercenaries.

    All the best for free Libya

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