Chavez: Gaddafi wants UN to visit

CNN“Look, Chavez, not only of countries; I hope the whole United Nations come here to see the reality of what’s happening before they start condemning the Libyan government or the Libyan people, before they start thinking as they are now, and preparing to invade Libya.”

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One Response to Chavez: Gaddafi wants UN to visit

  1. chae s. sone says:

    How can we help the brave freedom fighters in Lydia and other areas?

    The freedom fighters desperately need military, medical and food supplies in order to maintain their just struggle in this emergency situation.

    The friendly democratic nations can not openly participate in any military actions against the regime at this stage because of the international law.

    However the freedom lovers outside the country or in the insurgent areas could send the necessary supplies to those who in the target areas, using balloons air lifting if applicable.

    So it is necessary for those who really want to help the human rights warriors try to get the assistance from other friendly supporters. The friendly groups should initiate to organize to implement these new tactics.

    It is possibly could be implemented immediately in the applicable areas. You could send your freedom messages to them too behind the frontlines.

    South Koreans are sending aid goods on balloons to the suffering brothers and sisters in the bankrupt workers paradise North Korea. Long time ago, I advocated this tactic to sent political messages to the North Korean freedom lovers.

    Libyan freedom fighters should consider these techniques.

    Talk to the South Korean freedom fighters that could assist you immediately. Contact the Korea Consulates or Korean business men to get the necessary advices on the Korean freedom fighters’ ideas.

    For the Koreans today come through the many bloody fights against Communists and the corrupt political regimes. Koreans scored well for their freedom fight. If Koreans did you Libyans and all Arabian brothers and sisters could do it. Let us to it now. The time is on our side.

    The Egyptian freedom fighters scored very well. You can do it too.

    Let us continue to fight for a better free world. You have friends in everywhere in the world.

    God bless you!

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