China signals potential opposition to no-fly zone

Business WeekChina, like Russia, signaled potential opposition to a no-fly zone above Libya. Li Baodong, China‚Äôs ambassador to the United Nations, outlined three guideline principles for China’s position. He said that China believes it is important to resolve this dispute through peaceful, diplomatic means and said they respected Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Thirdly, he said that China respects the opinions of the Arab and African countries.

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Huffington PostAnother article deals with the legal implications and difficulties of military intervention, using cases like Rwanda and Yugoslavia as examples.

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One Response to China signals potential opposition to no-fly zone

  1. Someone says:

    China doesn’t want intervention because they are afraid of uprising in their own country. I don’t understand why China gets a say at all in the UN, not at least until they implement some human rights in their own country, follow their constitution (It says the people have freedom of speech, yet they are arrested when they speak up), and allow their people basic freedoms.

    I’m glad to see these totalitarian regimes finally falling.

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