Clashes in Brega

Al JazeeraTony Birtley from Al Jazeera is 10 km away from Brega. While on the phone to Al Jazeera, he watched as the town was attacked from the air. He said:

“It’s now an air attack. We just watched an air force jet from the Libyan air force fly over Brega and drop at least one bomb – and huge plumes of smoke are now coming out over Brega. Another bombed near our position, where anti-Gaddafi forces have gathered.

“All the fighters here are massing. We understand that something like 250-300 pro-Gaddafi fighters inside Brega and they are being surrounded. 
Gaddafi is still a force to be reckoned with, he is not giving up.

The population here want an air exclusion zone to prevent this sort of attack – but they don’twant foreign troops on the ground.

All major oil and gas installations in the town are in thehands of the opposition. We believe this is the main reason for the attack.”

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One Response to Clashes in Brega

  1. Mohammed says:

    The protesters should get all the weapons and ammunition and distribute it throughout then Gaddafi will not have ammunition dump to blow up!

    They should do this ASAP. Instead of showing journalists the ammunition take and distribute throughout the town.

    If Gaddafi and his criminal gang use overwhelming force then the protesters need to become resistance and prepare for guerilla warfare!

    They need to blend in with pro Gaddafi and attack from with in anywhere and everywhere.

    I think the time for passive resistance and peaceful demonstration is over!

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