Clinic in Brega under fire

BBCWhen the hospital in Ras Lanuf was evacuated, many of the injured were brought to a small clinic in Brega. Now, that clinic is being evacuated as well as it has come under fire.

“If you are in Ras Lanuf you have to fight, or you will be killed,” says Dr Walid El Rais. “So we had to leave, and now this!”

The only solution, doctors say, is to make treatment mobile. Ambulances carrying up to four doctors are now travelling as far as they can towards the heavy artillery and aerial bombardments in order to pick up the wounded and treat them inside the ambulance.

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4 Responses to Clinic in Brega under fire

  1. remy salani says:

    congratulations … Leader will win because of idiots like Bernard Henri Levy…Bad tactics for an immaginnary strategy

    • stacey bashford says:

      meanwhile the UN ,Nato And the EU talk… talk … …… do nothing ….look stupid ……act far too late ….. pat themselves on the back for their Inactions .

  2. Louiza Maghreb says:

    Thank you for the great work you’re doing in such difficult times. Would it be possible to add a timestamp to “Posted on March xx, 2011 by xx”?

  3. libertine says:

    Gaddafi is tyrant. To attack a Hospital is a brutal act of contemp of human life.

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