Crisis better solved through mediation – Sir Christopher Meyer

BBCSir Christopher Meyer, former British ambassador to the United States has told the BBC that establishing a no-fly zone over Libya is not practical “politically or militarily”. Russia and China also oppose this measure.

He said mediation was much more likely to solve the current crisis, and it should be done through people close to Colonel Gaddafi. Hugo Chavez appears to be one option.

“There is more to be done by working through the Arab world, through the Arab League, and through people who know Gaddafi,” said Mr Meyer.

He also warned that the decision of the ICC to investigate Gaddafi and his sons could make them “dig in deeper”. Mr Meyer is concerned that Gaddafi and those around him will feel like they have nothing to lose.

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France has dismissed the offer by Chavez to mediate. Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said that “any mediation that allows Colonel Gaddafi to succeed himself is obviously not welcome.”

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2 Responses to Crisis better solved through mediation – Sir Christopher Meyer

  1. m0j0working says:

    can’t say i disagree with the view that Gaddafi and co. may feel they have nothing to lose, but would add that Chavez is hardly credible. who would both sides accept as an honest broker and would Gaddafi ever give up power?

  2. Mr. Gross says:

    Chavez most likely favors Gaddafi since he too wants to stay in power.

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