BREAKING: Body of Al Jazeera Cameraman Ali Al Jabir arrives in Doha

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All times are in Libyan local time GMT +2

23:00 Al Jazeera Arabic The body of Al Jazeera cameraman Ali Hassan Al Jabir has arrived in Doha

22:28 Al Jazeera Arabic spokesman for the revolutionary forces in Brega: We detained 20 members of Gaddafi’s forces and killed 25 more. We have also pushed Gaddafi’s forces 20km wast of Brega

21:02 The aftermath of attaks on Misratah today. Many residential apartment blocks were bombarded with tank shells

18:52 CNN Nic Robertson shows the deserted Medical Clinic in Ras Lanouf after revolutionaries pulled back.

18:20 Reuters Libyan state TV said that the Arab League resolution calling for a no-fly zone over Libya was “an unacceptable departure” from the body’s charter

18:18 Al Jazeera Gaddafi forces bombarding Al Brega and Al Uqaylah right now. Confirmed reports state that Gaddafi’s troops are in control of the residential areas of Brega, but that these areas will be in the hands of the revolutionaries by nightfall. Gaddafi is bribing the residents of Brega with weaponry and 500 dinars for each person who goes out on a pr-Gaddafi demonstration.

18:00 Reuters Gaddafi’s regime says it “welcomes an African Union panel to assess the situation in Libya” and that it will “take all measures to facilitate its work”

16:46 AFP reports that France is pushing to “speed up” multilateral efforts for a no-fly zone over Libya to curb the civil conflict there, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said in a statement.

Associated Press 15:37 Human Rights Watch said today that Libyan security forces have launched a wave of “arbitrary arrests and forced disappearances” in Tripoli. HRW compiled evidence of “scores of people being detained if they helped organise or took part in anti-government protests, or if they were suspected of speaking to foreign media.” Read here.

15:26 Al Jazeera Arabic has played footage of Colonel Pilot Ali Atiyya in Miteega Air Base in Tripoli announcing his defection from the Gaddafi regime and fully joining the revolution

15:19 Footage of Gaddafi forces striking revolutionaries in Ras Lanouf yesterday

14:24 Footage from last week Sunday 6th March showing Gaddafi’s Hamza battalion entering Misratah:

12:10 AFP A reporter says he watched dozens of revolutionaries pulling out of the coastal town of Brega, and heading for Ajdabiya after heavy shelling by Gaddafi’s forces.

12:08 @Libyan4life tweets “Reports of Heavy shelling and heavy aircraft on the city of Brega”

12:08 AFP Mobile phone communications are said to be cut in Benghazi for unknown reasons. It’s not known if other areas were affected.

11:51 State TV cites a military source saying that “Brega has been cleansed of armed gangs”

10:17 Al Jazeera‘s Nick Clark reports from Tobruk that, “The frontline is moving eastwards in favour of Gaddafi. But there is huge amount of resilience still, they still think they can see Gaddafi off without a doubt. They are all proclaiming that ultimately they will win.”

This is footage from Al Jazeera’s Evan Hill, showing images of Ali Hassan Al Jabir’s funeral service.

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8 Responses to BREAKING: Body of Al Jazeera Cameraman Ali Al Jabir arrives in Doha

  1. Mike says:

    The link isn’t working. Did you mean to link to this article?

  2. abdullahi says:

    the thowra should stop making human mountains in the frontline, in addition to that they must stop using cars in the frontline. you must CREATE millitery structure listen commanders, they need to have special forces which can operate behind the enemy line day and night such as usung high speed bouts in the sea. the thowra is becaming bloodier therfore you need to be strong. the thowra should be morally srong, the fighters should be devided in to units and spread wide area of the frontline not only the motorway, the thuwar remember you just wanted to change the leader, but gaddafi but you in that position fight against your army, but the libyan army nor the leader is ligitimate institution of the state of libya, therefore the thuwar are allowed to buy tanks attach helicopters, artelleries, multirocketloungers. the libyan oil revenue should be managed by the thuwar according to international low. the economical senctions should not be applied to the thuwars and also no-fly zone, in addition to that arms embargo also should not be applied to thuwar.
    the libyan thuwar should respect the international low, not killig the migrants who came to libya to wash your cars get little money and think he is merceneries, my be he is not, just build your courts, criminal justice system. take care the peace of the city under your controll .
    gaddafi will go soon or later no matter how many he kills and libya will not be the same.

  3. Thanks for reporting on libyan revolution. I have been following the events daily and I hope the rebel will succeed in toppling the dictatorship. In order to keep up the pace the rebels should receive help from west, and even from the egyptian army.

  4. Recent report on Al Jazeera sais that rebels have retaken Brega being under
    air attack.

  5. Steven says:

    Kick Gaddafi’s butt!

  6. Sophie says:

    Al-Jazeera reports that Az-Zawiyah is under siege by government forces again. Is this accurate, or an error?

    See the 10:36PM report at

  7. Stan says:

    I believe they must have meant Zawarah. Instead of Az-Zawiyah. They mentioned today that Zawarah was surrounded by tanks. It’s the next logical town for Gaddiffi to tackle.

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