Eastern part of Ajdabiya bombed, Brega retaken by Gaddafi forces

The GuardianMartin Chulov confirms that in an aerial bombardment of Brega and Ajdabiya, Brega was retaken by Gaddafi’s forces. Witnesses told the Associated Press that warplanes bombed the eastern part of Ajdabiya at 10 am local time. ┬áPeople in Benghazi are increasingly worried about an attack on the big city. According to the manager of the Sirte oil company, Gaddafi’s forces have also taken control of the oil facility in Brega.

TwitterReports from twitter say 14 people have been killed in the clashes in Brega. In Ajdabiya a counterattack is being planned in order to retake Brega, according to Martin Chulov.

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One Response to Eastern part of Ajdabiya bombed, Brega retaken by Gaddafi forces

  1. thomas leitsch says:

    You are making History. But are there no reliable and able Officers around to form, train and command military Units quickly? Why are all these Tanks not already on the Road to Tripolis? On BBC I saw an Ammunitions Storage bombed by the regular Airforce? Why was it not evacuated in Time? You have got the People, Weapons, high Motivation.
    Gaddafi was a Wreck, when he spoke from his Palace. On BBC recently he seemed quite confident again.
    Activists of the Revolution are clearly to recognize on hundreds of Photos and Videos. For them the Success of the Revolution is a matter of Life and Death. If they loose, the best they can hope for is a Life in Exile.
    Does Benghasi want to end like the Paris Commune? It is from a totally different historical context, but also in Paris they were confronted with a merciless Enemy and hesitated too much. Maybe you can take Inspiration from the Tactics used in the Fight in WWII in your Area.
    Best Wishes from Germany

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