Images from Ras Lanuf today

Al Jazeera have put up some new AFP pictures of Ras Lanuf. Click on the image for a larger view.

See more AFP photography here.

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2 Responses to Images from Ras Lanuf today

  1. libio says:

    hi my name is libio please please please im trying to communicate with my relatives they live in tripoli libya i havent heard about theme since february 14 y 14 because there is no phone service or website services and i cant contact them if you know how to contact with my relatives please let me know i dont know if they are still in tripoli libya if you need more information about me or about my relatives please email me to i will appreciate thank you.

  2. energobull1 says:

    I was Senior Adviser in Ras Lanuf for five years, and High Voltage Specialist, for two years. There is two tanks of Ethylene, which if blow, can sweep all around 20km. Also I have many friends there. They always were anti-ghaddafi people. Also I was working for three years for AGOCO.
    Hamada and Nafoora.
    Look what Libya shoud do on my blog:

    Sell SUN. I would like to make comments, as I’ll improve this, with all my experience. After revolution you’ll have to think.

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