Military personnel engaging in revolution

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  1. Aisha says:

    Did this happen today?? It brings me close to tears, what we don’t realize fromthe outside is that it takes alot of courage and strategy to pretend to take orders and be convincing (they don’t trust anyone really, even within) and go join the revolution. Alhumdulillah for these people! And thank you for being my go to source for updates…I feel so helpless here in the states adn your website makes me feel like I’m right in on it ! Thanks again!

  2. Mohamad says:

    how do you know this happened in Tripoli…or in Dhara street for that matter….there’s no description in the video

  3. Abdulrahim says:

    This is not Dahra, which is in Tripoli. I live in Dahra and this is not dahra at all. This is somewhere else in Libya….as a matter of fact, this is not Tripoli.

  4. Mohamad says:

    This is in the East…try not to post unconfirmed video descriptions on your videos please….you are doing a good job btw, keep it up

  5. admin says:

    Thank you all for your feedback,

    We received the description of the place from a trusted source. It seems that the description we received is wrong and we have edited it now.

    Thank you all for your corrections and we will endeavor to edit any incorrect publications

  6. Marwan Mohamed says:

    This happened near Al-Fadeel Bo-Omar camp in Benghazi. I’m quite sure about this piece of information. It happened about 19th or 20th of February 2011.
    Victory for Libyans against this Crazy Dictator

  7. Susy says:

    That’s way the bsetset answer so far!

  8. mzzfdhucoi says:

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