BREAKING: Comprehensive update on battle situation in Ras Lanouf right now

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All times are in Libyan local time GMT +2

18:42 Al Jazeera Reporter LIVE from Ras Lanouf gives a comprehensive update on what is happening on the battlefront right now: 

  1. The reality of Ras Lanouf right now is that of bombardment, destruction and black smoke
  2. Gaddafi forces attacking revolutionaries in 3 ways: From the sea, from the air and with rocket launchers
  3. There is a ship that is firing heavily at the rear lines of the revolutionaries and it is at a distance of 1km away from the main road
  4. The revolutionaries have retreated back a little due to the excessive bombardment from Gaddafi forces
  5. Only the defected army forces with heavy artillery are still in the front line
  6. All volunteers carrying light weaponry have moved back
  7. The bombardment is heavy heavy heavy!
  8. There is extreme confusion regarding what Gaddafi’s forces are doing. They are moving forward with the intent of occupying all the key facilities and towns but they are bombing them first. They want to occupy Sidra Port but they have bombarded it and destroyed it. They want to occupy the oil facilitiy in Ras Lanouf but that too has been destroyed
  9. This is the heaviest bombardment that we have experienced since the beginning of the struggle towards the west
  10. Every 10 meters a shell or a rocket hits the ground
  11. The air strikes have not stopped the revolutionaries from pushing forward

18:17 Photos of destruction in Az Zawiya. Sourced from Libya NFSL on Picasa

18:02 @bencnn Ben Wedeman, CNN reporter in Ras Lanouf just tweeted: Intense air and land bombardment by Libyan government forces on going at Ras Lanouf. Most intense I’ve seen yet.

17:50 A big thank you to Tribulusterr for this. An updated map showing key locations on the main battle front in East Libya. This map also shows the oil storage facilities in Ras Lanouf area. Revolutionaries are in control of Ras Lanuf and all its oil facilities. Gaddafi forces have been pushed 20km west. Please click on the image for a larger view

17:47 Reuters Ras Lanuf, Sidra Port and Al Brega are under the complete control of the revolutionaries!

17:42 Reuters report on how the demonstrations in Tripoli today were swiftly crushed. They state:

Libyan security forces used tear gas and fired in the air to disperse worshippers near a mosque in the capital before they could protest against Muammar Gaddafi, a Libyan man said, citing two witnesses. There have been violent clashes after Friday prayers in previous weeks in Tajoura, making it the focus of opposition to Gaddafi’s rule in a city which is otherwise tightly controlled by his supporters. But this time the protest was stamped out before it had even begun, according to a Libyan from Tajoura, now living abroad, who said he had been in telephone contact with two residents.

17:31 A map which illustrates key locations in the east where battles are currently underway. The main oil installments, the town of Ras Lanouf and Sidra Port. Revolutionaries are currently in control of the oil facilities and the town of Ras Lanouf. Gaddafi’s forces have been pushed back 20km west of Ras Lanouf. Please click on the image for a larger picture

17:21 Al Jazeera English video reporting on the offensive that the revolutionaries are currently performing on Gaddafi forces in Ras Lanouf

17:14 Al Jazeera Gaddafi forces have entered Az Zawiya with tanks and heavy artillery. They have occupied the central square and have bombarded buildings and public areas. They have also raided the graves of the martyred and have transported their bodies to unknown locations.

17:10 Al Jazeera The 36th battalion (aka. AsSaeeqa, “the Thunderbolt”) which defected and joined the revolutionaries is taking the lead in pushing Gaddafi’s forces back and allowing the revolutionary forces to move foward

Associated Press 17:00 AP have compiled a fantastic description of the revolutionary force fighting for Ras Lanouf and pushing towards Tripoli:

“The front-line force … is surprisingly small. Not counting supporters who bolster them in the towns along their path, it is estimated at 1,500 at most Libyans from all walks of life, from students and coffee-shop owners to businessmen who picked up whatever weapons they could and joined the fight. No one seems to know their full size, and they could be picking up new members all the time …

“The rebel force is a leaderless collection of volunteers, operating in an evolving collaboration with soldiers who deserted various units over the past month and are still be trying to organise themselves. It’s not clear who, if anyone is giving orders …

“The volunteer militiamen largely have been acting and reacting as a pack to government assaults, launching initiatives wherever they can. They ride around in dozens of pick-up trucks, some with machine guns and anti-aircraft guns strapped to the back. Some rebels have weapons, while others seem hardly able to operate a gun …

“Many of the fighters come from Benghazi, the main city in the rebel-controlled eastern half of the country. They are united by hatred for Gaddafi and a burning desire to overthrow him and establish a state under the rule of law.”

16:541 Al Jazeera has just reported that the revolutionaries have started to re-enter Ras Lanouf after previous air strikes targeting its main oil facilities.

15:50 Al Jazeera After earlier targeting residential areas in Ras Lanuf, Gaddafi forces have now targeted a storage facility outside the city.

15:12 There is fierce ongoing fighting in Az-Zawiyah, Al Jazeera reports. The opposition remains in control of the city center, they say.

15:06 Al Jazeera Arabic reports that Bin Jawad has been evacuated in fear of further attacks by the Gaddafi regime.

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8 Responses to BREAKING: Comprehensive update on battle situation in Ras Lanouf right now

  1. Sea of lies says:

    Since coming to power, Gaddafi in Libya, 95% of which is desert, but in the cities were very serious problems with water, was carried out artificial river at the base of groundwater. In a country where 80% of the population does not even have primary education, the ball is not just winding ignorance, but are created and universities. Education is free, while paid for training and overseas for children of any family. Medicine as completely free. In a country were imported a huge number of European doctors for the treatment of highly skilled people. In this case, the direction of a physician, patients were sent for treatment and abroad – all costs covered by the state’s expense.

    Income from Naftogaz, Muammar al-Qaddafi comfortable built multi-storey houses and handing out all comers apartment in which there is no rent and pay for electricity. Petrol in the country almost for free. In each family a few new cars (the only limitation – cars in the family should not be greater than the number of family members) – these purchases is 50% subsidized by the state. Marry once darilos tens of thousands of dollars. Basic foods are symbolic of money.

    this is the most democratic state in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sea of lies says:

    The U.S. spends billions of dollars on space spy satellites. With such a satellite can read the headlines. But the leadership of the U.S. military draws information … from television reports.

  3. Ibn Tarhouna says:

    You write as if it’s humanly possible to believe a word you’re saying. It’s not. Libya has moved on. We are not afraid anymore. You should not be afraid either. Join us and leave the past behind. Remember your pride. Remember your forefathers. Remember your country.

  4. somebody says:

    Sea of lies,
    It seems very democratic too me to shoot peaceful protesters,
    And stick to being leader, even if it means that thousands kill each other.

  5. Cathy H says:

    to sea of lies:
    your feeble attempt at useless rhetoric is “fail’.
    surely, you MUST know that Libya has very high literacy values, while unemployment levels are in the 30% range.
    what you have described sounds more like a totalitarian utupia, than a “democratic” nation.
    ultimately, it seems to be intrinsic in humanity to be willing to fight for freedom, from oppression and control. even silk ropes burn after awhile.
    it is time for him to show us and the rest of those self-imposed “dictators for-life” how it’s done and let Libya go. if he doesn’t wish to retire then he should do ALL of humanity a huge favour and martyr himself. if he truly loves them, he MUST let them go.
    stop the genocide, NOW!!!

  6. freedom must be won says:

    Glory to brave libyan freedom fighters! 20 yrs ago in my people too rose unarmed against enemy with lots of tanks and heavy artillery. So called military experts predicted our defeat in weeks but we proved them wrong and won our freedom and independence! Today is your turn to do the same and Iam sure you will, and iam sure that all the normal freedom loving people in the world supports your war of liberation!

  7. Alberto says:

    God bless the 17th February Revolution & God bless Libyan Republic !
    No Jamahiriya anymore !

  8. Alberto says:

    Sea of Lies, why don’t you say thousands of Libyans are obliged to travel abroad for treatments because there is no health care at all ? why don’t you say workers of the public sector wages are 250-300 LYD while living in Libya, especially Tripoli, is 3 times more expensive ? why don’t you say these workers are waiting months for their salaries to be paid while sharks of the government are stealing millions from the state budget ? why your boss wants to show to the world he’s a good muslim and forbids alcohol while I saw personally few years ago hundreds of champagne and wine crates being loaded on his personal plane ? why he is a liar ? why in 1992 the regime shot down a Tripoli/Benghazi flight with more than 100 passengers on board in order to show to the world how dangerous could be the lack of spare parts due to the embargo ? why all public tenders in Libya were piloted ? why the regime took over all private sector from the people during the 80s and gave it back in the 90s after destroying it ? why a lot of people belonging to the opposition have been assassinated out of Libya ? why thousands of Libyans were imprisoned, tortured and killed in Katiba or Abu Selim prisons ? why almost th 90% of Libyan aristocrats, writers, intellectuals, teachers, doctors, soldiers left the country after 1969 ? Don’t be afraid. They have brainwashed you but now you are free to think and to talk. Leave the evil, join the fresh flavor of the freedom. Be a man, be free, be proud to be a new born Libyan.

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