Opposition forces retreat east of Ras Lanuf

There are reports of more clashes this morning in Ras Lanuf, Reuters reports. One of the opposition fighters had said the clashes are in the residential areas of Ras Lanuf and they have retreated and put up a check point 15-20km (10-13 miles) to the east.

Thuds and booms were heard overnight in the town of Brega as well.

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3 Responses to Opposition forces retreat east of Ras Lanuf

  1. Mr. Gross says:

    I am terribly sorry the international nations are not doing much in the way of supply and demand to opposition.

  2. AAS says:

    The international nations are disappointingly slow in stopping the incredible human right violations in Libya. The UN is showing that they are nothing less than a useless but expensive organization full of scared bureaucrates and politicians.

    It seems for some (dark) reason they don’t want the regime in Libya to change!

  3. колобок says:

    за ваше мусульманское высокомерие платите кровью

    прежде, чем требовать помощи от христиан, следует её попросить

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